Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I made it to Target

And it was all I hoped it would be.

I even found a blue-and-white-striped shirt to replace my old blue-and-white-striped shirt that doesn't fit my nursing bod anymore. (I now wear stretched-out v-necks 98% of the time, so this is particularly thrilling.)

While I ran around grabbing shiny things off shelves, Harps snuggled into her sling and was a total saint for her mama. I think she got scared after my garage breakdown yesterday.

"Target must be really important. I shall behave."

I'd been feeling a little guilty about her lack of toys. We read lots of lovely books and talk all the time and sing and there was the caterpillar of course, but toys? Meh. So today I grabbed her a fancy playmat thing, with lots of baubles and dangles and jingles. And I also got her a Bumbo, one of those weird foamy chairs for wee ones. Perhaps this isn't a...toy. But it's sumpin different and fun for the Biscuit to work with. And it makes me squeal with happies.


  1. christie4:49 AM


    That is unbelievably cute. And you MUST set that to music. Her bobbing head is just too much to take. Do it. Now.


    And she is still a bald little biscuit, isn't she? Still super cute, I like it.

  3. So adorable... it's kind of funny how babies look like they are drunk sometimes. Bresho is starting to walk and it is the most hilarious thing ever. He walks like it's 4 in the morning and he is walking back from the pub after having 10 shots of vodka. Makes me laugh every time!

  4. @christie yes! next time to music. i hear the babes enjoy 'single ladies'...

    and oh yes. our baby is BALD. she will be for quite some time, methinks. cc and i were both bald through (at least) a year or so. i love a bald baby, tho! so yummy to smell her little head and kiss it muaaaah!

  5. i was wanting to buy hannah a bumbo! i'm glad i seen your post, because i'm totally getting one now. you should look into buying harps the fisher-price jumperoo - a wonderful investment and only $80 at kmart! :)


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