Sunday, August 07, 2011

Aaaaaaand we're back.

Always with my necklace, guys. Always.

Guys. No real Internets for 12 days or something is basically living like cavemen. Semi traumatized. Tho I sure did read a lot... I'll ponder on that another time.

For now! Thanks so much for all your cc shout outs. Made us both smile. Crazy 6 months around here... Fingers crossed for a bit of a break, mmmkah?

As I said, tomorrow Harps and I are off to Maine for some serious hang time. Ocean, ice cream, guitar, the bizarro Catholic channel I'm so obsessed with. Really looking forward to it, tho we'll miss dadadada back at home. (He'll be watching shows about pickers and auctions and cars and sleeping in a wide open bed minus a major flopper, so he might miss us a little less...)

H and cc packed in some fath/daughter time before their week apart. Here's some outtakes from their oatmeal date, Saturday morning. (Looks like we're making this mums sleeping in thing a traditionnnnn cue Fiddler)...


  1. "Traditionnnnnn....TRADITION!"

    She has the most beautiful eyes! And that app makes her hair, necklace, and shirt all match! So sweet! Have a great trip!!! Wave to a sailboat for me.

  2. I can't believe how her hair has just taken off or rather gotten on. So sweet; I have been showing my mom these and she luuuuvvvs them.


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