Thursday, August 18, 2011

Docta docta

Holy what in the hell does my child hate the doctor.

We went today for her 18 month (how'd that happen?!) well kiddo appointment and, as per usual, it was a complete nightmare. As soon as the nurse starts the measuring/weighing

(sidenote: HJ's in the 83% of height, maintaining her semi-giant-since-birth status. I knew she was tall -- hi, she can't wear 18 month clothes anymore -- even when occasional weirdos at the park will say "oh, is she small?" And I feel irrational fury.)

she loses her everloving MIND. Blood curdling screams, clutching and clawing me, inconsolable sobbing. It's insane. At least this time, he was able to look in her ears and eyes and other parts (because I was pretty aggressive with my efforts) so it was worth the trip (versus last time, when he couldn't even get near her).

Any ideas on this, my frands? Should we try out a female doc instead? Try out a doctor kit at home? Just... wait for her to outgrow it by middle school?

(Oh, also: Awesome moment? As she was freaking out, exorcist style, I tried to sit and comfort her. But I completely missed the chair and fell on my as%...hard. The ped felt so sorry for me he just kind of stuttered and stared and blushed. I win!)


  1. :( Poor Harper buttz. And poor Mama. And she is tall! Everly is in the 3rd percentile for height now. She's a tiny bite-sized portion... everybody always points it out as if I don't know. hah. "SHE IS SO TINY!!!!!!!" Mhm. Yes she is!

  2. Send Daddy on next appointment:) Lee resorted to this on his early dental appointments; bad thing is the dentist was our across-the-street-neighbor. I have a picture of Clay and Lee using a play doctor kit, but it looks as if they were school age. Maybe I bought it in hopes that they would grow up to be doctors. :) Glad it didn't take, though.

  3. i'm 29 and i still sob at the dentist.

  4. I don't know, because T is fine at the Doctor till they stab him with needles.

    I don't know your insurance or colorado, but some of my mama friends have docs that do homevisits...maybe on her own turf it'll be fine?

    We had one nurse who DEMANDED that T sit still for a head measurement. He was making him cry. I got my mama back up and told the guy to lay off and that his head measured fine. I figure (as T is in the 80th percentile too) that he's fine and I'm just doing this to fulfill a mama duty, but kid pees a million times a day, sings songs, and is super happy - there's nothing wrong with his head.

    When the ped came in I told him we "refused" the head measurement and he responded "okay."

    Maybe just try another doctor who can engage her better. I've given a lot of credit recently to my babe just having a personality that can clash with other peoples, just like mine.

  5. Concur with Cindy, have dad go and use a bribe if necessary.

  6. i'm not sure. we always hold hannah in our laps - are you doing that? our doctor also talks to hannah, not us, i think this makes a huge difference. she lets hannah play with instruments before she start messing with her. hannah's always been on the petite side for weight & height - but at her 18 months appt she hit 40% for height and 10% for her weight. i think it's a super cute idea to get a medical kit for her to play with at home, hannah uses it on her "babies."

  7. Thanks for the tips everyone!

    Other than a home visit (good idea, Gigi!) not sure what else I could change. Our ped is really great. He's incredibly kind and allows me to hold her the entire time (they even let me measure her and weigh her myself!) He's got a daughter H's age, so he's very familiar with toddler ways...

    I even let her have a lolly while we're there and she gets so mad she forgets it's in her hand.

    Bought a docta kit this weekend, which she's enjoying but also nervous about? Weird combo.

    I think cc really might be up for duty next time..


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