Monday, August 22, 2011

While I sit here waiting for my yogurt to...yogurtify

2 seconds earlier that rock was in her mouf. (Amazing shirt made by Grammy. )

That's right, yous guys. I'mma make some yogurt and then eat it. Inspired by...a bunch of different places, I read this article when I wanted to get down and get busy with some cultures. It's been very simple so far. Currently, my creamy concoction (you betta believe I'm using whole milk) is resting in an old spaghetti jar, nestled within some towels under a light. Very scientific. I have high hopes for this latest culinary adventure. Will keep ye posted.

What else? Well, today I got an email from a Parents Day Out program that Harps was off the wait list and into her Ivy of choice. I put her on the list tentatively, not feeling exactly overjoying with readiness about leaving her with strangers, but also knowing I could use a few hours to myself during the week. I honestly thought it'd be months before we were off the list, but uh no.

It's once a week for 4 hours and the whole idea fills me with a confusing mix of overwhelming panic and tentative joy. 4 hours?! stuff? I can't imagine. I've never even left her at a gym nursery to take a yoga class. But then, back to the panic! She's my earth/moon/star/sunshine/lovebucket and I'm a complete nutjob with trust issues. It doesn't help that she's extremely active and adventurous and semi-fearless (I say semi because she doesn't really love men?). The things she's climbing/thinks she can climb make my heart jump into my nose and she loves sprinting and stairs and headstands. How will she be safe without 1:1 attention?! (This isn't a rhetorical question. I need assurance!)

Oh and here's another pic:

(From ze back!)

I said yes to the opening and next week we'll be attending the open house so we can MEET HER TEACHERS WHAT HOLY GOD TEACHERS?! I die. She'll be sad when I leave (not doing so well with the mummy-in-a-different-room thing), but girlfriend l-o-v-e-s other kids and ultimately is an independent ham, so I know she'll end up digging it. But choke gag gasp...will I?!


  1. She'll do great! She might have a hard time at first, but remember how much she loves being around other kiddos. And her teachers will know what to do to keep her happy!

  2. They are trained.

    Their world is MUCH safer than yours. They keep 'em on playgrounds that are age appropriate. Plus, other kids keep them in line b/c they are watching them.

    I feel MUCH safer with T at daycare than I do in my mom's house b/c its all babyproofed.

    Congrats on a little mama time. Its amazing.

  3. Anonymous6:26 AM

    first of all LOVE the shirt made my your mum...second of all, my mom loaned me her yogurt maker and i use to make homemade yogurt all the time...the best ever i think.

    also, i just started sending Annabelle to the nursery at the gym...i was scared but she mostly likes it and it allows me to get my exercise fix which as you know i need daily! Harper will love all the peeps! Loved seeing and Harper last week (or was it the week before)

    Amanda (can't remember my google account name/password)

  4. SHIRT = DIE

    PRESCHOOL = AMEN. Having the same issues on my end. HOW WILL I (i mean she) COPE!

  5. That little shirt is the BEST, looks so soft and cool. Agree with GiGi...everything is age appropriate and probably highly regulated. Both of you will begin to look forward to this time. And 4 hours will seem like 4 seconds once you adjust.

  6. It's the right time for socialisation.

  7. Thank you everyone!! Really helps to hear the "yes yes do it" high fives. Soon I'll be researching a two day option... ;)

  8. OMG lady girl, you are going to LURVE it. I was so tentative about sending Bowie to preschool, but it's so fantastic for your mama sanity. Last year was his first year, and this past summer I opted out of the summer program, and holy hell did we both miss the time apart from each other. It's good for both of you.


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