Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy dating: Part who knows

It's not new/news that I'm always on the lookout for mom friends -- well, compatible-with-me mom friends. Aside from a couple real friends in town, I've got my playgroup and peeps I recognize/chat with at the park and such...but I wouldn't mind having 1 or 2 more mamas to hang with (specifically during the day) and actually talk about stuff other than kids with. (Sorry I ended that sentence with with.) I was interested in that anyways, but then one of my good pals moved away and another went back to work full time -- so friendship time has been feeling especially sparse.

Yesterday, I spotted a (I thought) hip mom at the park. She looked my age (versus the very common late thirties/early forties moms that abound -- who are awesome I'm sure, but they seem so established and usually have 2-3 kids already and a huge house and are just at a different life stage..) and was wearing a skirt over pants (one of my fav looks, even tho an ex once described it as "the worst look on you ever") and had a beautiful bird tattoo on her forearm (be warned, people, I've become obsessed with arty tattoos) and was being so gentle and loving with her baby (and wasn't on her phone). Then we chatted a little bit and she was funny and had a cute little Midwestern accent and I loved her.

Just as I was crafting my pick-up line ("You...from around here?" " stuff?") another mom asked her how old the baby was.

"Oh, he's 14 months. I'm his nanny and..."

Who knows what she said after that, it all turned to Charlie Brown wunh wunh wunh, because sigh. Nanny. I used to be one, so I'm quite sure making mom friends isn't high on her to-do list. She goes home to her bed at night and hangs with her non-mom friends and sleeps soundly and doesn't eat crusty macaroni and cheese for dinner. Sigh. Bye bye, pretty bird tattoo! My fantasies of running hand in hand thru fields of daisies, sipping lattes and braiding our babies hair, were shattered.

Wunh wunh wunh.


  1. Ah, I'm so in the same spot right now since I started my SAHM gig a couple weeks ago. Wish you lived here!

    We have our first early childhood ed. class today so maybe I'll have some luck there...

  2. That has happened to me a million times in Nashville. I've given up!

  3. I make pals with nannies sometimes, they can be pretty cool. But yeah, not the same.


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