Sunday, August 21, 2011

On my pretty new shoes and letting it be

I've been obsessing over Bensimon shoes for awhile now. Once I heard/read them described as the "French Converse" (does anyone else feel super corny when they put things in quotes like that?) and I got all drooly because, well...I love both those things. (I worked really hard to dress right when I visited Paris at 18 and felt too proud when a few people asked me directions ha.) But I semi-stressed over their relatively high cost for a canvas shoe. So I kept my eyes peeled for sales and such and was happy when I found one over at Madewell.

Tho alas! The beauts arrived and were just as scrumptious as pictured, but...I'd ordered the wrong size -- and then, by the time I returned them, the next size up was gone. Devastation!

(This story is so interesting, I know.)

Fast forward to my trip to Maine and our little shopping excursion while T babysat the biscuit. After lunch, we got a bit lost and were soon wandering random streets. Mom grew a blister on her heel, I started stressing about getting back to the house late, and we hadn't even hit the shops yet. Frustrated and nearing crabbiness (tragic, considering the delicious mojito we'd just sipped), I felt a small sea breeze and together we noticed a cute little playground to take Harps to later. Deep breath, let's not stress over shopping woes. When suddenly! A cute little boutique popped up on our left, a random location on such a small residential street.

"Let's pop in!"

And first thing I saw? A pair (one pair in the whole store) of olive green Bensimon's size 37. THE size (and type of color) I'd been hunting for aaaaand on major final sale, too. 30 dolla! Cheaper than the Madewell pair! 

"Those shoes have been looking for a home for a long time. Couldn't find the right pair of small feet!" says the shop owner.

I snatched them fast -- before some other tiny footed female could enter and whisk them away -- and performed a little jig. The lady understood my weirdness. "I love mine, too."

And now, and now. I wear my little sneaks all around, with stripey dresses and with holey jeans and sometimes with my jammies on our early morning walks. My feet and I? We're feeling a bit more okay with detours these days. (Oui oui.)


  1. Your heart was in the right place (found a playground for Harper) and you were rewarded. I love the shoes and the color. Great look.

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

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  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

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  4. Love the shoes and color and Bensimon is soo quintessentially French - can just picture those sneaks tripping down the streets of Paris or along Mediterranean beaches. And how great a story - because of the circuitous route in getting to them and the awesome deal they'll hold an even more special spot in the closet!

  5. love the shoes! madewell is my FAVORITEST.

  6. Always buy two sizes (or more) of a shoe and send back the one(s) that doesnt fit as well.


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