Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some confessions

1) I used to watch much edgier TV. Then...I had Harper. (And some other big life events happened, I s'pose). And my brain got filled with a whole new world of fears and worries and realities. Which = I don't like to spend my escapism time on things that could make me anxious. So I'm pretty much a sitcom junkie now. Modern Family, The Middle, reruns of The New Adventures of Old Christine (dude, I'm sorry but that show is really funny) and on and on. I've always loved old school comedies (Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, etc.) but this straight up, regular person viewing normal?

2) We've barely recycled since moving to Denver. We had valid-ish excuses (having to do with weird pick-up schedules and busted recycling bins), but it wasn't good. We always apologized to Al Gore ("I'm sorry, Al!") when we threw away a cereal box or soda can (I feel genuinely guilty even typing those words, uh blame my childhood), even tho...I'm pretty sure he isn't the earth's spokesperson for recycling? Anywho. We got a brand new, HUGE recycling thing last month and we're back on track. Whew.

3) My baby's clearest two syllable word is Elmo. (P.S. Did you know this guy does Elmo? MIND BLOWN.)

4) Even though I'm a crunchy-ish mom and probably draw my own eye rolls for my paraben fears etc, I gave this uber crunchy mom an evil evil look at the airport yesterday, when she said to her 4-year-old (trying to watch Scooby Doo in the kid's play area) "No no! No! Let's uh...go somewhere else! That's just...weird!" Lady. Get a grip on your life. But best moment was when the girl comes back at her with: "But I love Scooby Doo!" Ohhhhhh the look on her face when she realized her daughter knew a 70's icon. Made my night.

5) I cannot walk away from a Baby Gap sale rack without at least three items.

6) I'm eating veggie lo mein from the container.

7) I can't remember the last time I showered?

8) I let my child climb into and get stuck in this thing while I played Words with Friends:


  1. I used to be a documentary junkie. And an "intervention" junkie. Now - I can't watch anything b/c of my muffin. It hurts me too bad to think of him in any of those situations. My tv time has turned to horrible reality tv though...I do so love the middle but you can't stream it!

  2. We recently stopped watching actual tv, and it's kinda nice. The main thing that annoys me is the news! It really makes me angry and then I start shouting at the screen like an old man :p My one weakness is bad reality tv... like 'Dance Moms'!

  3. dude. that is the weirdest/truest phenomenon about baby = happy media. I can no longer watch horror flicks or murdery tv (except for dexter). i want to be cool again!

    Also - love that pic of Harps! and esp. that she's nudie and smiling. oh, but the necklace!

  4. Wait - i'm going to WWF you right now....

  5. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Hait

  6. i have a pretty big crush on Phil from Modern Family.

  7. @Gigi: I used to love Intervention, too! Haven't watched it once since H came. (I especially miss the weird ones like gambling addiction whew.)

    @Lyndall: We did only streaming for quite a bit, but cc missed live sports. We almost never watch commercials (usually DVR everything) and NEVER EVER WATCH THE NEWS. Ew.

    @Nikki: Maybe when I move back (hint hint, cc) we can try and watch some edgy things together...and probably fail. (But we'll still be deliriously happy, holding hands in the sunset.)

    @mic: I want to bed him.

  8. Guys. I also heart Phil from MF. How will this work out. Sister wives?


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