Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eat yo vegetables

 (Quick story re: why the hell I attached this pic. On my many-times-aforementioned shopping trip to Portland -- hey, I DON'T GET OUT MUCH -- we stumbled upon this crazy artist dude making silk screen tees on the street. I loved them! Espesh this tank that says in the bottom right corner -- I failed to really capture in the pic -- "eat your vegetables" and there's a crazy robot guy with a knife and fork. The artist dude said so proudly: "That's my handwriting!!" and then seemed so embarrassed to charge me 15 dolla for it. Loves.)

On with it.

Did I tell you I'm going (mostly, with some little cheats here and there) veggie? I feel sheepish-ish saying that for some reason...I think because I'm not the kind of vegetarian you think I am. Well, not you exactly. But the general public maybe. Meaning: I don't, inherently, think eating animals is gross or wrong or bad. I've actually tried to convince myself that it is many times, but to no avail. So *shrug* moving on.

So why then? Welp. Because I've done a ton (a ton, a ton) of reading over the past 6 months on health and nutrition and preventative medicine and all that stuff you read when you or a loved one is facing a major medical issue. And one of the basic learnings I came away with is: Eat way less animal protein. Way less. So the Cowan family (including my little lady, tho admittedly the choice isn't hers just yet) is taking it to heart.

Since I'm not ready to give up eggs and dairy (yet, maybe someday? I'll cut down, but no...not those!) it's gots to be the meat for me. It's more complicated than that, of course (the current state of how meat's produced, what going veggie means for our environment) but much more informed and impassioned people have written on this subject quite frequently. I just wanted to put it out there -- that except for some occasional seafood I'mma give up the meat, yo.

It feels weird to admit it aloud, like because I've eaten so much bacon (and steak and pork chops and turkey-hot-dogs-filled-with-cheese) in the past I shouldn't be allowed? Or like I'm supposed to become a crazy animal activist and tattoo crying dogs on my chest? Tho I mean, I've had a sketch of a pitbull for quite some time at the ready, I just haven't found the right tattoo artist...

(Oh also! I'll eat whatev you put in front of me if I'm a guest. Well, probably not elephant, but... Buddhists -- who are often veg -- eat what is offered to them when they're out/about and I really like that method. So if you know me in real life, go about your bi'ness if I'm coming over. Huzzah!)

Kisses and kale chips.


  1. I've been vegetarian for... hm, I'm not sure... maybe six years? I eat meat at my in-laws because they're Hungarian and it's a very meat-filled culture. (Well, depending on what it is... crumbed chicken I can do, but they have this thing called 'egg meat' and 'meat meat' which is just too much for me).

    Anyway! I started off having it as a personal decision but I'm finding myself becoming more of an activist as time passes. It's a slippery slope, haha! I went to my first animal rights protest the other weekend. I find that having no meat means much more interesting, varied things to eat! And it's cheaper too. And less chance of getting stomach flu :3

  2. My mom is also a vegan-except-for-occasional-seafood person :) I think it is a wonderful lifestyle choice. I toy with the idea of making our household meat-free but I'm married to a farmers boy...it's all meat and potatoes for him :/ Maybe someday I'll be able to convince him that it's still a meal without a giant hunk of meat on your plate.
    How did your yogurt come out?

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me :D In your reading what did you find out about fish? I think most people that go veg for health reasons only still include fish in their diet, but now "some people" say fish is a no-no too because of all the crap and pollution in our waters.

    Post some of the dishes you end up making/eating, you little kale chip eater.

  4. i replace two of three meals per day with Morningstar Chik'n Patties. they remind me of elementary school hot launch, and they're probably processed and bad, but they're veg so i'm being relevant...sort of.

  5. President Clinton went full veggie last week - must have caught your vibs. We are 94% veggie.

  6. i like this! and the "eat what you're offered" and the "doing it for my health and not to make a statement to the world" in my opinion is the best kind of veg. Maybe even meat-lovin me will take a page from your book. (When i'm not pregs anyway)...

  7. Are there really kale chips? Red meat is not bad for you; it's the green fuzzy kind that hurts. :) I admire you and Clay...it is also a great lifestyle for Harper. She'll get a great start and won't think she is missing anything. I've been eating more turkey products, but I don't hear too many positive things about how clean and healthy turkey farms are. (Can I still have cashew chicken when I visit?)

  8. Totally agree and respect this approach but afraid *she looks at the shake shack bag sitting on the counter once home to a cheeseburger* that I lack the discipline, would love to see your fave recipes!

  9. Hey, thanks guys! Mucho supportivo! Really appreciate it :) I'll def post the things we're eating/liking...

    @kalen: Actually, wild fish is the stuff I'm more likely to eat -- even tho you're right, our waters are trashed. Farmed fish (mostly what's out there) isn't really healthy yada yada. But I have a hard time saying no to sushi and seafood from the Maine coast ;)

    @Cindy: heck yes, there are kale chips. I'll make you some when you come visit.

  10. Anyone who is wondering 'is fish ok?' or 'is turkey better', try reading the book 'Eating Animals' which has a lot of information about how things are farmed and killed. It's really interesting.

  11. Good for you Amy. I was the weirdo in my family who didn't like meat even as a kid. It was a texture thing. So I've never really eaten it, accept for a lobster or two every summer and turkey on thanksgiving. And you are right it is better for the universe to eat more plants which is kind of a cool bonus. If you ever want to dabble in vegan let me know. I can't eat dairy (lactose and I are not such good friends) and have some vegan blogs/ cookbooks I could recommend.

  12. Thank you so much for this post, it perfectly describes why I'm a vegetarian. I've always felt like I disappoint people who ask why I'm a vegetarian because my answer isn't passionate enough for them or something. I'm of the "doing it for my health, not to make a statement to the world" opinion myself. I still get people who are all "Dude, steak wrapped in bacon used to be your favorite food, you can't be a vegetarian", but that seems to be fading now that it's been a couple of years. It still shocks me how interested people are in discussing what I do and do not eat. My favorite is my mom, who constantly asks at family functions if I'm "allowed" to eat certain things. I have to remind her that I can eat whatever I want, there isn't some kind of veggie police out there waiting to haul me away if I try the chocolate-dipped bacon at the state fair (which I did, and it was a sadly disappointing. Not loving bacon anymore made it apparent that this vegetarian thing might be for real for me!).


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