Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here in Maine and loving Maine

A few minutes to type while I eat my peanut butter toast and soak my toes in the sun. Harper's down the street at the ocean beach with my mom, barely sending me a wave before they headed off. It's a little bittersweet to see my big girl so okay without her mumma...but *crunch crunch* I'm handling it just fine.

I'll try to grab some pics of all her new tricks and routines and craziness. She's gotten super chatty here, a constant commentary of nonsensical mixed with real words, and wouldn't I just love to know what the what she thinks she's saying? She's happy, though, that's for sure.

And how's it already Thursday? Wishing I could slow down time as our week tic tocs along.


  1. i miss maine. and YOU!

  2. That is funny though...what she thinks she is saying. The beach so close, nice.


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