Sunday, August 14, 2011

How come I don't buy face masks like my mom does?

You know... the tubes of herby clay or cucumbery peels or apricot grittiness? They line her bathroom window and each night I try a different concoction, letting them dry as I watch a Brit mystery and snuggle into my brother's sweats. But I never remember to buy them for home and I don't know whyyyyyy.

Here's a few pics of our (continuing, soon-to-be uncontinuing) week in Maine.

My beach baby bum. She lives for the water and the sand and the waves and the seagulls and the sailboats and the bucket and pail and washed up crab shells. Screams "yay!" over and over and runs in and out of the waves and waaaaaay down the shore without looking back for us once. She'll probably grow up and live on a houseboat.

Goodwill bathing suit. A...little low cut. But also a dollar?

My mom and I snuck out during H's naptime yesterday, leaving my bro T with his niece. We had two hours in downtown Portland before she'd probably wake up (and he was a little nerv about that), so we rushed around. Amazing what you can pack in when you're baby free... I'll post a couple pics of the cutie things I bought, but most important was our lunch and the drink we split. (We're serious lightweights, but they also only had enough fresh mint for one...)

Mojito in a mason jar. Oh yes, ma'am. 

This pic is crazy dark, but her hilarious yoda look made me post it. (I actually have more where she's smiling, but those aren't as funny...) My mom's neighb brought this baby backpack over for us and HJ LOVES it. Like, goes over to it on the floor and starts to climb in it. She let me cook scramble eggs while I wore her, which is a plus. Brings me back to my babywearing days, which she stopped letting us do once she could crawl...

We are busy, stop looking. 

And here's Harps with her Uncle T, playing a little piano with her feetsies. She loves when he does anything musical with her, melts like a pat of butter in his palm. I think they were playing the Charlie Brown theme here...

(With sugar from a Tony's donut on her face.)

And with that, I head up to my book and my bed and cry myself to sleep my trip's almost over fall asleep. Goodnight, sista.


  1. Go Harps - rocking the deep V and necklace!

  2. love the bathing suit and the necklace -- such a little lady!

    i have the st. ives apricot scrub and it is ah-mazing. i was actually just thinking about a mask i used to use in high school that peeled off. i want it again just so i can peel, peel, peel.

  3. Glad you have had such a rejuvenating week. Love the picture of Harper at the beach; she does have that faraway sailing-on-the-waves look. Also saw the cousins picture on Clay's facebook...that is definitely a prize.

  4. Summer on the east coast is the best. Glad you are soaking it up with HJ.

    Pangea Organics (boulder company) makes some rad sinkare stuff including a face mask/ scrub I could pretty much eat out of the tub.

  5. I love your little vacas with the babe. Taking one with Lucy and my mom for a couple days this week (only to the Cape but still!) and hope to post a la BJA!

  6. @logan: ooo i didn't know they were based in boulder! i need to take a trip there and pick up some stuff...(along with a celestial seasonings gift shop stop...)


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