Sunday, August 28, 2011

This weekend we

Mostly stayed out of the heat. (No Irene'ing in this neck of the country! Nothing but hot hot hot hot sun blazing heat fry an egg roast a dog hot. IS IT FALL YET.) Oh, and celebrated cc's three-four birthday!

And we went out for delicious (maybe the most delicious I've ever tasted?) waffles with friends and had nakie dance parties and left a screaming Harps with a bewildered sitter to go enjoy a Broncos game (yes, I enjoyed it huh?) and ate sushi and watched old Harry Potter and cooked portabello shroom sammies and took quick walks around the 'hood while the sun hid behind too tiny clouds.

And knit. And read MANY many many many books to Harper.

You will not enjoy yourself, woman! You will read this ridiculous word book to me for the 10000th time!

My throat is killing me, dude. And I've set myself up for disaster because now she flipping expects me to read every single word of every single book. I totes forgot to lie about content in the early days and now she just sits and waits patiently until she knows I've finished the whole page. Cute (and yes, I'm sure it's better for her future reading days ahead), but my throat is broken.

I tried to make progress on the wool diaper soaker I'm knitting, but she wasn't having it till she could help, too.

I think you added a few stitches you weren't s'posed to, mumma...

And I was doing so well until...I wasn't anymore. Lost focus and had to rip it all out blergh says Liz Lemon! Guys: Do not mix babies and knitting. No.

But I made up for that domestic fail with other various and sundry tasks that left me feeling semi-spiffed for the week ahead. We've got an open house for Harps lil school (reminder: must buy adorable mini L.L.Bean knapsack!) and I'm hosting playgroup and hopefully I'll fiiiine-ally get to see the "new" Harry P. Hope you had a good one, peeples!


  1. You will never regret this sore throat in 6 months when Harper will be reading these books to you:)You are great, and she is a lucky little girl. Would she use audio books with the beep when it is time to turn the page? (She probably won't even need the beep after one read.) I am going to start my walking training today so I can make it around the block in Denver...haven't been exercising. I love these pictures.

  2. I don't get those word books. Do kids like them? It seems so boring! It's so great that she loves reading though! I already have a huge box of kids books put aside, including some of my favourites from when I was little~

    Argh, don't you hate that with knitting? I try to limit myself to small projects for now, because unknitting half a cardigan is too depressing. Good luck with the next attempt :)


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