Tuesday, October 07, 2008

on loan

since cc travels so much, it's a bummer to leave home when he's not. midweek sleepovers are always a treat for us, as are the midday lunches (you should try my foreman grill tuna melt: it's special) we've been sharing for the past month. but! with unemployment still my middle name, a very pregnant cousin needing some amy time, and my tum rumbling for a pink-frosted dunkin donut - i'm heading east. on loan to the fam while cc brings home the bacon. (and plays computer games. and drinks diet cokes.)

call me loony, but i feel like a mama bird leaving her chicks behind; i did the laundry, changed the sheets, made extra food for dinners - i'll probably label things and text every few hours to make sure he's eaten and gotten some sunshine, too.

but as much as i'll a) miss my goob and b) worry about the implosion of my delicately balanced household - i'm happy to head home and sprinkle a little bja goodness back east.


  1. christie10:08 AM

    And we're happy to have you!! Yay!!

  2. i love the ones with the pink frosting!


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