Monday, November 16, 2009

An update about annoying stuff

Why, hello there!

I'll cut right to the chase.

To zoom past the gory details of extensive testing and blood-letting and leeching, they tell me I've got Gestational Diabetes. What does this mean, you ask? It's a little confusing, because each type of diabetes is quite different from the others. (Which is why I have all sorts of fun discussions with peeps who think I brought this on by eating too many Twinkies.)

 During pregnancy, all the new hormones bouncing around make it harder for the body to use insulin. Most of the time, the good ol' pancreas steps up and produces extra to help out while the baby's cooking. But turns out, my pancreas is being a little lazy and takes a bit longer to churn out the good stuff. So my glucose levels stay too high for too long, which results in Big Baby Syndrome (it's a technical term). Mama stays fine no matter what - we just want to make sure baby is the right size to push out.

So why'd I get this? They really have no clue - the specialist was bewildered. I'm young, I've never had a weight problem, my diet is fine (my one real weakness is fruit juice), I've got no family history of diabetes, and I'm a Whitey (though maybe my Middle Eastern blood plays a role?). Basically, it just happened. Things should return to normal after baby lady's on the ground, so this isn't a Forever And Ever type of thing.

I was really bummed at first, but I'm adjusting. I just felt upset that women who started pregnancy overweight and gain even more on top of that can keep eating their doughnuts and pumpkin pies with no blood sugar issues and I'm stuck with eggs and whole wheat toast, after eating nothing but fruit for weeks on end. But! I'll look rad after this baby pops out and they...won't. (Please allow the sass; I'm dealing.)

There's no real cause for concern - I just have to monitor my blood sugar levels and keep them low and even-keeled and all should be fine. This means a fun finger-pricking sesh four times a day (super fun for a needle-lover such as me), a modified diet (it's really not too bad - I can even eat dessert if I plan for it), and scheduled exercise.

So far, since I started testing on Thursday, my levels have all been low, steady, non-diabetic levels. Which is great and also a tad curious. I wouldn't be surprised if my INSANE OMG NEEDLE PHOBIA DIE DIE DIE tweaked the results a little, since stress/adrenaline can increase blood sugar levels. But meh. Shrug. It's a good diet to follow anyways and will keep me lookin'/feelin' trim and the baby healthy.

So that's the haps, fellas!

Just one more thing the lovely Mary Tyler Moore and I have in common.


  1. bummer! sorry about all the needle sticks. no fun. i'll come eat egg whites and whole wheat toast with you though...that sounds nummy.

  2. Sorry you're having to deal with that Ames. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. We just grow big babies in our family. Who knows? Maybe I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes with Ben...?

  3. Ames that is a bummer that you have to do this extra planning! But before you even said it, i was thinking that i'm already jealous that you won't be battling the extra lbs after (like i still am...) you already look great and will be a total milf ASAP. love it!

  4. christie5:40 AM

    Aw man! That stinks. The things we go through for the little buggers, huh?

  5. take care of yourself :) maybe that's why your baby is big? did they mention anything about that? hope everything else is going well!

  6. aw, thanks ladies...these baby things sure are demanding!

    all is good. just some sore fingies is all! and you're right, nik - the extra planning can be a pain.

    but it's funny how your taste buds adjust after awhile. i had some berries in my oatmeal today and they tasted so sugary. this new diet is probably good for my teeth, too ;)

    @mef did they do the gd test when you were preggers? maybe there is a hereditary component for me? we'll neva know! regardless, i think we *do* grow big babies in our fam.

    @jess there's no way to be sure, but it's probably why her tummy's a little big - she was getting extra glucose that my body wasn't processing. but her length is probably just genetics.

  7. Oh bum deal. But sounds like you've got it basically under control. Keep yer chin up mama :)

  8. What the ding dang?! Now I'm getting blamed for undiagnosed gestational diabetes?!!

    With any luck, Ames, your baby will turn out just like me: a cross eyed, jaundiced, porker.

    (monty python voice)
    I got betta!
    (/monty python voice)


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