Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home plate

Alright, so. Yesterday was hard. At times, really really hard. The first half of the day was totally and completely fine. She'd just come off her nap and had a dose of Advil for her teeth and milk in her belly and the first flight was short and we shared a burger and fries and lemonade in a booth in Cleveland. She pushed her stroller up and down the floor and watched some Caillou on the apple device thing and flirted with every man in sight.

But then...the layover went on and on. There was no afternoon nap. The Advil wore off and I didn't have more. She didn't eat enough to stay full. The second flight was long long long and we were jammed next to an enormous man person. People were judgey and face-makey around us. Soon, it was 3 hours past bedtime and after a long, long day of being a sweetie and sitting in my lap when she wanted to run and humoring me with toothy giggles at my same old jokes, she just lost it. Lost it lost it lost it can't be found it is lost. By that time, I was starving and my back felt broken from all the carrying and bending and hauling and I wasn't allowed to wear my glasses because it threw her into even worse screams and my fear of flying was creeping in and well, only deep breathing and realizing this couldn't last forever kept me un-crying.

And then hey, look! It actually did end and cc was waiting for us at the gate and whisked us home and ran out and bought me my favorite Cafe Rio salad and all three of us cuddled in close (well, she in her crib with Woof Woof) and fell hard asleep the end.

So there's some new rules for traveling with Harps. No layovers unless absolutely totally has to happen necessary. And if there is a layover and a long flight and sleep issues, she will get her own seat. (Which they don't legally need till 2.) And I'll wear contacts. And bring more treats. And possibly drug her with Benadryl? And probably drug myself with something a little harder. Don't tell the baby police.

Today went surprisingly smooth. I thought I might weep in a puddle on the floor, but I really did get refreshed/revived/rejuvenated on my trip and felt ready to take on my real life and all its full array of real life stuff with calm and happy. I've realized that while I'd like, in my perfect little fantasy, to be living on a farm in New England with my own chickens and a hound dog -- we're just not there yet. And there's no point pining for things that aren't, when we can be living in what is -- and soaking up all the good we've got.


  1. glad to hear you feel rejuvenated! i was afraid the trip home would wipe away all the good stuff from vacation! :(

  2. That sounds miserable lady. Glad you are home and resting up.

  3. i am not jealous of your stressy trip (boo!), but i am jealous of your cafe rio salad. you're like a real-live mormdawg.

    i owe you an email! i'm a bad person. hearts!

  4. oof. I've flown with my eldest up until the 2 yr old cutoff and it's like you're using your arms as a strait jacket around those squirmy appendages. Snacks,candy, and movies made us get through the hell. Hell, have a sip of my coke if it'll keep you quiet!

    Glad you're home safe and sound!

  5. Didn't fly with the boys when they were small, but we did make some long car trips. Dealt with car sickness and sibling fights; somehow survived all. At least we didn't have strangers with those looks...glad you are safely back in the CO.


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