Thursday, June 23, 2011

This one goes to my baby daddy

Just realized she's missing a shoe? Also, I don't know what that expression is -- but I want it.

Harps and ccdada after our lobstah dinna in Maine (I miss you I miss you!) last month. She was in heaven -- running around, trying to dive into the ocean, rocking her skinny mini jeans.


Today was busy, lots of back-and-forth and all around the city in my Subie. (Or should I call it a 'Ru? Some people call it that. I think maybe I can pull it off...) So tomorrow, Harps and I have put on our calendars: Book reading and toast (toe-ahst) eating. Maybe a little cornmeal mush making. (Please tear me away from my new veggie cookbook and its strange, strange ideas.)

Oh, but right -- my point was to give a little high five shout out to my boo. He deserves it.

And happy Friday to y-o-u!


  1. :) Thanks. Have a picture of the three of you? Now that I have time I will be experimenting with computer skills/downloading pictures.

  2. Good gracious, that picture is everything happy in the world all rolled into one.

  3. wow, best picture ever! i think harps totally looks like a mini d'loof in this one, no?

  4. Awww...
    I'm lovin' those elbow patches and one bare foot!
    Oh oh! We're in love with cormeal mush around these parts too. My girlies call it "morning porridge." Keep on a cookin' Betty!
    And applause (ha, I just typed applesauce) to Mr. Clay for being so super cool.

  5. The cutest part is one shoe missing

  6. Christie4:01 AM

    And Maine misses y-o-u!!!!

    Great pic!


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