Thursday, June 16, 2011

My (formerly) nomadic eater

Before our trip, I was in a bad place with Harps' eating habits. In the manner of a few weeks, she'd gone from happily eating in her highchair to only eating little small amounts as she ran around naked. And I was so burnt out/fretting about her eating enough that I'd chase after her, putting little pieces of string cheese or broccoli in her pie hole. She was constantly grazing and never sitting and always making my house a huge mess. I knew it wasn't good, but it had all changed so fast and I wasn't sure how to bring it back.

Ze new chair in action. (My mom made that bib -- design shout out!)

When I had a second to catch my breath (and, ahem, get a bit of a schooling from my mom), the rules came together and she went with it. But it quickly became clear she'd only go with it, if "it" was in a chair. (Or my lap.) I hemmed and hawed and looked up a million different seats and read reviews and wrung my hands over prices and finally landed on the Stokke chair. I shuddered at the price tag, but it adjusts all the way up to an adult chair, it's really cute/slim and blends in with our stuff/style -- and we do plan on having another kiddo person one day.

And it's working it's working! People! She sits and eats! (And looks so dang cute doing it. Like today, when we shared a coconut/pineapple scone from the bakery-down-the-street and just shared giggles and crumbs like a couple'ah girlfriends.) It's not as secure as a highchair (tho it does have straps), so I can't like do a load of laundry while she's in it. But it forces me (and dada) to sit down and eat, too -- which I don't do enough of throughout the day and which helps shape the fam habit I'd like to keep. (Eating together, same time, not-in-front-of-the-TV.) Win win!

Stoked about Stokke = me. (Sorry.)

Happy Friday, sista!


  1. Ooh, I want. We are needing the next step for a high chair, too and right now are mostly relying on one of thoose Phil & Ted's attach-to-the-table chairs that were recently recalled or noted to be unsafe. And when I watch Bella climb on chairs to get in it, I also note it to be unsafe. But why so expensive???? It's like my Learning Tower thing - it was worth it, but at nearly $200 it was a painful purchase. Maybe I should buy this really quick this month since we have already spent a bazillion dollars on last minute baby & house repair & car fixing up things. What's another $250 in that case? (Plus way better than a $40 piece o' plastic booster)

    Apparently I'm extra verbose about baby products at 3 in the morning...

  2. Ooh a Tripp Trapp! Schmansy. I like them because it's like the only highchair which isn't totally hideous. Plus they can use it forever! (They'd want to, for that price, heh.)

    We're actually planning on buying a Stokke Xplory pram when we have a baby. It's like, the stuff they make is awesome but I kinda hate myself for considering spending nearly $2K on a pram. Lucky there seem to be quite a few secondhand ones on ebay that are much cheaper. Um, designer baby products, I have opinions on them.

  3. Christie8:05 AM

    As you know, we're using Eric's Tripp Trapp from when he was a kiddo (35ish years later). Loves it!!

    Miss you!! Xoxoxo

  4. Ugh. I just busted out our our high chair. I remember when we got it it was the only one that folded up "slim" so we could tuck it away. Yeah, but when you set it up it's like the size of an armchair! We have a little booster to attach to our kitchen chairs one Will can hold himself up better. I'm kinda tempted to just buy a used restaurant high chair. So easy!
    But seriously, kudos on the family eats together thing. It was something I did right away with Aiden and he loves it! We talk, share about our day and he loves setting up the table right before a meal. It's a hard thing to establish if you don't do it right away.

  5. we are using a fisher-price chair that attaches to our kitchen chair (we got it at a consignment store for $8.00) we lurve it. we have had a great time with feedings, but it's probably because we never eat unless we are at the table. every time hannah snacks, i snack with her. we have tried letting her sit on the couch and snack but she wants to be all over the place - walking, playing, putting her sticky hands on everything. glad you and harper can have some peace with feeding time now :)

  6. @Nav: Dooooo it! I have the same sad line of thinking re: moneys. Once you've spent a lot in a month, you'll barely notice the extra hundy for that set of weird BPA-free lunch boxes on sale at Gilt...

    @Lyndall: Oooo I'd love to see the pram they make! Altho maybe not? It's probably best I just stick with my cheapy Maclaren...

    @Christie: Oh yes, I actually forgot! Feeling a wave of relief that it really does stand the time test...(miss you too!!)

    @Celina: I was so psyched to put away the big ol' highchair!! It serves its purpose, for sure, but just takes up a ton of space. And it ain't pretty either :)

    @Jess: We used that seat for about 6 months. It's great! She eventually outgrew it, tho -- she's really long and could sort of rock it all around. I shouldn't really complain about H and her eating, since I know she does fine. I just went from awesome to normal-toddler and I miss awesome :)

  7. My sis got those chairs for the triplets too! Yes, ouch on the price, but totally justified if you picture them (or her) age 13 sitting on it playing computer games! (Or whatever people will do in the year 20-scary when we're super old!)


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