Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy fourthy

I'm proud of this photo because my hair is clean.

I'm tiredpants. Cleaned all day (things weren't in a good place to begin with) getting ready to host playgroup (holy gods, I hate hosting playgroup) and then only 2 people came (it's a summer thing) and they're sort of in a fight and it was alternately tense and dull. At 5 on the dot, I started making rice in the kitchen, giving them the not-so-subtle hint to, uh, leave. I don't even feel bad about it.

And Harps napped too much today (I let it happen because I needed to clean and work on a guest post and watch Family Ties) and so she didn't fall asleep until 10:15 tonight. I...have no words. I'm certain she'll be awake by 6, so tomorrow morning should be a delicious crab fest.

We might take one of our famous last minute road trips tomorrow, just to do somethin fun for a couple days. Steamboat Springs, perhaps? I don't even know where or what that is, but it sounds old timey so sign me up!

Delirious = me = bedz!

Happy fireworks! <3


  1. Amy, You look so fresh and pretty in this picture. Harper gets those long eyelashes from you :) Hope you all have a cool and relaxing weekend;the only place cool enough to hang out down here is at the lake, which is about 4 feet below the piers. Maine coastline sounds good!

  2. Happy Fourth Cowans! Hey lady, if you can survive hosting a playgroup, you can survive ANYTHING. Happy travels if you go, happy hangin' if you stay!

    p.s I like this picture because you match; you're just missing the color coordinated scrunchies (I can't help it, I'm a product of the80's and 90's).

  3. That is a great photo of both you guys.
    PS. The autocorrect on my phone tried to turn great into Gretchen.


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