Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Monday things

Mondays are weird as a stay at home ma. (Did I tell you that Harper mostly calls me "Ma!" these days? I mean, she'll do mama still when she's feeling kind...but if I've turned the corner to do, well, anything she yells "Ma?!" I'm trying to see it as a cozy, Laura Ingalls Wilder type thing instead of a smoking-five-packs-a-day-wearing-a-house-dress-and-curlers type thing.)

In that, everyday is basically the same, so MONDAYS dun dun dun aren't really all that intense. The weekends are better, yes, because I can sleep a bit more and I've got extra hands and such, but let's be honest here. My main job duties are still in full force. It's cool -- I said at the interview I was cool with weekend hours and I'm not one for bailing on a promise.

Today's a doing things kind of day. I've got a docta's appointment in a couple hours and I'm hoping to get some solutions to the crazy wrist pain I still feel (from snowboarding...two years ago) and the weird hand pain I thought was pregnancy related, but I'm not pregnant? (Really, I'm not.) Then we need to fill our cupboards with provisions. Then we need to survive the hours 4-bedtime, which just shouldn't exist. And then, I'm going to hot yoga. It's kind of modified hot yoga, actually, as they keep the room in the 90's but not 105 or whatever those traditional Bikram folks do. Makes me feel all flexible and detoxy, but not nauseous and questioning my life.

The inbetween hours will be filled with...avoiding the sun? But ultimately failing and going out and then both sweating all our organs out and collapsing inside again with a sippy of milk/mint julep. I'm not quite sure why I'm such a whiny b during Denver summers. I actually don't mind heat and I've traditionally been a huge summer fan...It just has to be the devilish, high altitude sun, blazing blazing blazing into my delicate flesh. It's so intense I can't stop talking about it, even to the natives in my playgroup who look at me like I'm loco pants, pass the jam, ignore that sweaty girl with the sweaty ears.

Ideas on what to do that's not-outside? We're starting music summer session this week, do our toddler yoga class, and like the children's museum. Then there's always the scary indoor play structure at the mall...Thoughts? Ideas? Should we just roast and smother our skins with marshmallow/choco/graham crackers?


  1. Daily drives to the mountains?

  2. Jesus H I loathe Mondays. Huz doesn't get it, he's all, "your days are all the same, right?" but, no, they are not. On Monday, it's 5 full days before you have helping hands around again.


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