Thursday, September 01, 2011

Veggie life: work in progress

Here's an example of something I made for dinner this week.

Spinach salad with yogurt dressing. (Homemade yogurt + curry + salt + pepper.)
Quinoa with currants and chopped onions.
Carrots roasted with evoo and salt/pepper.

It was tasty. (And pretty!) But not filling enough for dinner. Needed more protein (and more fat, honestly.) I'd bought some soy nuts and forgot to put them on; they would have helped. Mixing some beans in with the quinoa and adding some avocado would have, too -- as would tofu or one of those other weird textured proteins I'm having a hard time making peace with.

I had better belly-filling-success with the goat cheese/mushroom quesadillas I made the next night, a bowl of black bean soup on the side. And tonight will be whole wheat spaghetti, marinara sauce, fresh basil from our creepy hydrogrower thing, and a bit of cheese sprinkled on top. Need to use up the spinach, so I'll make us eat salad, too. (Yes, I'm relying on cheese too much for fat/protein. Blergh.)

Oh oh but my funniest meal was last night. cc had a work dinner and I was starving at 5:00. HJ doesn't really like boxed mac 'n cheese (crazy), but I had some Annie's in the cupboard and I was feeling otherwise clueless. Whipped some up in the saucepan and then sauteed down a head of kale in the skillet (with evoo, s + p). Then I mixed it together and ate it? The kale was chewier than I'd like and hard for her to eat -- thoughts on this? I love the taste and flavor combo, but felt like a cow.

And now, I must attend to her Highness.


  1. The protein thing was always my problem when I was vegetarian. I could never really seem to utilize other foods to get the protein so I ended up eating just fish, which ended up turning into just poultry, etc. etc. etc. until I stopped all together.

    Let me know if you figure it out or get used to the tofu thang.

  2. Please see Mushroom Tofu:

  3. Best belly filler in the history of the world - Bread.

  4. My experience with kale is that its rubberyness varies on the bunch you get. Some it it is really tough and other times its more like spinach. I'm still trying to work out how I can detect this difference before cooking.

    That meal looks wonderful!

  5. This looks delicious. Good for you.

  6. Might I offer a piece of assvice? Maybe build your meals around the protein source a bit more. Like start with some beans and build out the meal from there. One thought on that pretty meal you posted- maybe throwing a little goat cheese and nuts on the spinach and then an oil based dressing would have balanced things out more? I hope I'm not being the most annoying person in the world right now!!! (but can't stop quite yet- Indian food & lentils make veggie-ish eating much easier for me.) byeeeee

  7. I never thought about it being hard to get protien? I guess I'm used to it by now. I never feel hungry after meals so I guess I'm doing okay. I base a lot of meals on things like beans, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. If you search for 'protien for vegetarians' it should give you a good list of stuff to try.

    Also, you could try to find a good vegetarian recipe book, one where all the recipes are normal food that just happens to be meatless (stuff like veggie soup, or vegetable curry) rather than ones that want you to use a bunch of weird ingredients. I love The Vegan Table and Vegan Lunch Box. (I just use eggs/milk/whatever in place of the vegan replacements).

    I actually don't eat that much tofu!

  8. @kalen: i think the meat thing is def a slippery slope. that's another reason i'm not doing's just easier to be black and white about it for me?

    @cc: duly noted.

    @rhm: i need to start baking some whole wheat bread.

    @a.j. makes sense! i'm thinking the older the kale the tougher it gets...i really love the taste (and so does harper), just SO CHEWY.

    @nav: i'm really mad and offended. NO! i WANT advice -- especially from my dietitian brother-from-another-mother. i agree and think the indian tip is spot on. i NEVER miss meat when i cook indian and i could eat it every night!

    @lyndall: i'm totally on your boat here. i need to find books/recipes that are cooking with normal things...i'll gradually add to my cabinets, i'm sure, but for now i need simple! it's good to hear you're a successful veghead without much tofu consumption :)

  9. Back for more assvice. So I've been meaning to try this roasted tofu recipe FOREVER. The blogger's chef husband has alwasy been all "blegh, tofu", but he liked this. If you try it - let me know!

    Also - tofu for dessert! I'm a little sketch on this one, because my mom is always pretending tofu ice cream is the most delicious ever (she who fed us "ice milk" for most of our youth...a special type of ice cream best left uneaten). But this recipe looked doable. I'm going to make it tonight, but that's really only because I'm dairy-free. However, could be a good one to have right after a low pro-fat meal to round things out...

  10. Poss more helpful if I include roasted tofu recipe:

  11. Omnivore gone vegetarian9:48 AM

    I would recommend getting some Moosewood cookbooks and utilizing The two are great together and provide endless ideas. Food blogs in general are taking a turn to the veggie and vegan friendly, so I think you'll get a lot out of it.

    I also recommend trying tofu in other forms than just your typical stir fry (even that can take a while to master)! My new favorite is marinated and then baked tofu steaks.

    Also, keep your eye out for Field Roast products! They make a line of veggie and vegan "sausages", but with ingredients that you will recognize and no incorporation of any fake meats. They might help you in your transition to veggiedom.

  12. @nav: holy shit PLEASE tell me how the tofu ice cream turns out!!! and i'm into the idea of roasted tofu. i love roasted...everything so why not a creepy soy product?

    @omni: thanks for the tips! i have a moosewood book and love it. as well as some other stellar veggie books -- they really help! you're right the blog world is really veggie friendly so the ideas are endless. :)


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