Wednesday, April 09, 2008


after my morning constitutional down by the water, i welcomed two ladies, about my mom's age (this detail is to convince you i didn't pick up anyone who might slash my face off, because we all know that women in their fifties are devoid of emotion and rage), into my vw. they were attired all hippie-but-still-really-wealthy-like and held a big bunch of bananas. they had walked across the golden gate from marin and now needed a ride to the big olympics protest downtown. i didn't have much else planned for the next 20 minutes (or 20 hours), so tried my best to get them there.

as a note, i should not be relied upon for taking people to places that aren't in my daily route, since my geographical understanding of life is slim to minus-zero. i kept cursing myself and the women were all "it's okay! what a lovely day for a drive! we're just happy to know you!" to which i found myself checking them for dilated pupils and the like.

but then i found out they teach meditation at this place across the bridge i've been researching and it all made much more sense. i told them i'd meant to check out a class there this morning, but i slept too late, how annoying. and they shook their heads and patted my back and said "no, no. your body needed to sleep and so it did. you'll get there next time. how 'bout a banana?" to which i said right on, hippie skippies.

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