Monday, April 14, 2008

this is my hula hoop. that is yours.

two uncharacteristically warm days brought out lots of people and all their skins to my daily walking route along crissy field. me no likey. humans? on my beach? move along, people. nothing to see here. nothing to see.

thankfully, the wind and fog returned today and left me to walk in curmudgeonly peace. did i used to deal with crowds better? have i finally just accepted my inner old man?

so yes, i was happy to have my path back, but then after my walk i wanted to do a little yoga on the grass near my car. sure sure, i'm quickly morphing into a hippie skip. i'll be sure to wear some flowers in my hair. but then! some man was just sitting! in his truck! facing my grassy knoll! i swear this is a san francisco thing; people just sit in their cars. the hell? how'm i ever gonna zen out when creepy men in white pickups are staring?

to be honest, sometimes i even get annoyed when i hear someone walking up fast behind me. why. are. you. on. my. sidewalk? my brother says he's got the same issue, so we comfort ourselves with the thought it's genetically inevitable.

but at the same time i'm very excited about the book club i'm forming with three other girlies. i'm hosting the inaugural meeting at our sturdy little apartment and fully intend on rocking some of amy sedaris' stuff. and rocking it hard. (oh, i've been meaning to ask: amy, will you marry me?)

apropos of nothing, i suppose, except to prove i do like people sometimes. just not mosttimes.


  1. omg, same thing happens to me! i HATE it when people are walking quickly behind me. i used to think it was because it made me feel unsafe, but really...i just dont like strangers existing so close to me.

  2. He travels fastest who travels alone.


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