Wednesday, April 09, 2008

making it work

this winter i bought a couple turtleneck/babydoll dresses from the gap. and then proceeded to wear them every other day for months on end. i'm sure my coworkers were excited.

well, i just found the spring/summer version of them this weekend at the same on-every-corner retailer (knock it if you will, but just you try finding a cuter poncho for so few pesos!) in both navy and gray. yes, clay, i have an addiction to jersey, but these duds are really comfortable, flattering and multi-faceted; i'll add chunky necklaces, scarves, cardigans and fun ballet flats for super cuteness.

they did border a wee bit on the safe side, though, so i was happy when i found the above foto on the sartorialist. see how she ties the ties up front instead of in the back? well, i just tried it with mine and voila. sassified.


  1. have you seen gap's european and guest designer shoe collections? fab! the $100 price tag seems steep for gap, but the gladiator sandles are calling my name...

  2. the gap to me is what my dunks are to you! you're always talking about the GAP and how good it is and you show things that ARE good and so i feel like i ought to believe, but when i go there it's just dusty and weird and i can't find anything that fits right... and then you wear something and i'm like ohsocuteandlovely i want! and you're like GAP, lady, GAP, and i'm like am i blind? to style and everything? apparently!


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