Friday, April 18, 2008

insta slim

my second week in advertising i bought a (very large, super size me) piece of cake, brought it back to the privacy of my cube, and proceeded to eat the entire thing in about 5 minutes. not really my style, since it can take me upwards of 12 hours to finish a chai. i was bewildered the first time, but in the months that followed it became a frequent habit. bad conference call? rice krispie treat. bitchy email from bitchy copywriter? brownie bites. in the harsh world of jingles and slogans, sugar became my buddy, my guy, my friend.

but now! now, voila, i suddenly don't need to inhale this stuff like it's oxygen. yes, i still like treats (er, see post immediately below) but these days they're enjoyed with mindful, sane delight. take away the mess that was my day and i'm back to wrapping up half-eaten power bars "for later".

except for spaghetti. i've never been able to eat that stuff without a shovel.

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  1. Spaghetti needs to be eaten from a large serving dish - only thing that can hold the standard allotment to be consumed.


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