Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cherry, baby

sorry for the shhh. i've been taking trips around this little usa of ours.

last week, i spent some sunny days on the east coast. my family pulled off a surprise shower that made me feel all warm, fuzzy and bride-y. thanks ladies!! i loved it.

special party trophies go to:

christie and mef: fondue, fruit on sticks, tea cups, bamboo and etsy!
michaela - she flew in from chicago, for the
day, to drink tea with us!
matt - the lone male to surf the girly waves!

after my lovely party, mom and i ran all over the world tasting bbq meats and cupcake frostings and picking out daisies and getting my face painted. it was frenetic and fun and tlc-worthy. i really kept wondering where my camera crews were?

oh, excuse me! i just had to bust my ear drums out. brooke and sayesha were singing.

okay, back to me. now i'm in dallas, because mr. clay is here for work and why not pal along? i ate at my favorite big d cafe (monte cristo = sandwich made my angels), deftly avoided buying anything at a droolicious thrift store, read lots of pages, and walked. and burned my shoulders.

and now it's neil diamond night on
idol (neil dawg, you look good!) and i'm waiting for my worker bee so we can shovel some foods in our mouths. seacrest out.

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  1. I'm so sorry I missed your shower! I hope it was fun and wonderful.


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