Friday, April 11, 2008

some things

1. i'm typing this post on my new laptop, yo! yes, that very sensible piece of equipment pictured above is now cozy on my yoga-panted lap. why not white with a crunchy fruit depicted on the cover? disillusioned with macs by the crankiness of my 3 prior ibooks, we went old school and bought a pc.

mr. clay shopped his pants off to find the perfect fit, but high up on the list was the KEYBOARD. the KEYBOARD (CAPS LOCK is funz!) is the most delicious, delightful, throw-your-hands-up-and-yell thing i've ever touched. er. but really, if you're working on a book, blogging about nonsense and google chatting like a champ, this is the machine you want.

2. it's like 80 degress here today. what? huh? i woke up in the wrong city and i'm scared.

3. why do i shop anywhere other than consignment shops? i found a scrumptious pair of pants by theory today for 26 dollars. 26! basically free! these usually go for like $250. and my bum looks cute. shazam!

4. but then sometimes i still buy new things. in my defense, these were cheap, red, and when you buy one for yourself, you're also buying one for a child in need.

they're also cozy because they remind me of something my grandfather wore in florida in the 80's. i think. maybe? any familial units remember? anyways. my feet will be so cute you'll eat them with a spoon.

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  1. omg, i bet you anything toms are gonna be the new topsiders. these are so cute. they make me want red shoes, too. what pants will you wear them with? i want to see how you style them.

    as far as the T i was wearing in that pic goes, it's AA tri-blend not GAP. but i promise you the next time i'm near a gap i'll go in and look instead of grumbling. it's just so odd -- i think i shop at h&m too much. if i'm not overwhelmed by a store's stock, it's like i can't handle it.


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