Monday, April 14, 2008

as i was driving back from the airport

this morning, after dropping the donut-maker off, i got a flash of a very specific work scenario accompanied by a very specific, heart-thumping, sinus-clenching anxiety. and then i remembered holy butt, i don't work there anymore!

i don't need to run down to the dubbing room - small, dank and filled with people who've started, through bad air and much pizza, to morph into a subhuman, superjudging species - fill out a form asking for 25,478 beta sps (WHATEVER THE HELL THOSE ARE), stutter when they ask if i need them compressed, flinch when they yell at me for not knowing, then finally flutter my eyelashes and pretend my brain's a gin-soaked pea (jessica simpson, you're a genius) when i realize it's the only way it'll get done. then wipe the sweat pooling in my armpits and run upstairs for some more ass-kicking.

so the answer is yes, i miss my job very much, thanks for asking!

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