Thursday, April 09, 2009

And that's where you melt the butter, you see

Still loving my 1986 time machine.


  1. wait, what is that? popcorn machine? gimmie!

  2. yes! one of my berfday presents from the hubsta.

    straight out of my childhood, the simplest machine ever. has an on/off button and that's it! popcorn bubbles out of that thing like precious jewels into a big green bowl. num nums!

  3. we had one of those growing up too, AWESOME

  4. i have never seen one of those before... also i like your shirt.

  5. christie5:07 AM

    Is there any other way to make popcorn? Seriously? I wouldn't know how to make popcorn without our airpopper.

  6. I think some people make it in a pan?? With oil? I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Mom used to put a big paper bag underneath the popper and let the popcorn drop in. Strange? I think so.


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