Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm going on a save binge

Not that I'm some big spender in the first place, but with the rent upgrade and me not working (but writing!) for the next couple months, I'm tightening up our belts. I think the first step is choosing a menu I keep the same every week. My parents did this when they were saving for a house and I've heard tell of it working for other peeps, so I'll give it a whirl. I figure it means I'll be more likely to shop and cook and stay on schedule if I have a schedule. Plus, I can buy things in bulk since I know I'll be using them again. Plus, I like formulas. (Have I told you how much Law and Order: SVU I've been watching lately? It's...not okay.)

I'm going to take my first stab at it starting tonight. My plan?

Thursday: Homemade pizza. (Made with frozen dough, pizza sauce, mozz, toppings.)
Friday: Chicken curry with basmati rice. Found an online Martha recipe. Sounds delish-o.
Saturday: Black bean burgers and sweet potato fries. Clay will squirm, I'll be in heaven.
Sunday: Beef and green pepper stir fry with quinoa.

Then Clay hits the road on Monday and I'll live off of all those leftovers till he's back again on Thursday. There will be a few bowls of Banana Nut Cheerios along the way, I'm sure. (Have you tried them? They're Num Num NUM.)


  1. Banana nut cheerios??? What?! Where have I been? I am going out TONIGHT to find them (even though my husband will hate them...he hates bananas)!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh they are so. good. Sugary crazy sweet. But GOOOOOD.

    (Husband hates bananas?! Unfathomable! But...more for you muahaha!)


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