Thursday, April 16, 2009

Since snowboarding two weeks ago

My wrists - both, thanks - have been smarting. (Underused vocab #453!)

Since it's been a bunch of days and it's not going away, and since wrists are sort of important if you want to be a Typer of Things, I thought I'd get it checked out.

As you know, I love my doctor. He's so chatty and from-another-time-esque. Here's how our conversation went:

"Well, hello there. Why are you visiting me today?"
"I busted up my wrists snowboarding."
"Ah, the day started sunny and beautiful, the snow like powdered sugar. But by 11, it was all mush and tumbles."

He then played with my wrists and fingers and pretended he was an old lady shaking my hand to demonstrate what would happen to my tendons one day.

"Well! You've really done a number on these things. How do you sleep at night?"
"This is how I sleep." *Tucks wrists under his neck in a Glamour Shots pose.*
"Oh, me too. And under my stomach. My arms go numb a lot."
"Yes, yes. That's called Drunkard Syndrome. We basically paralyze ourselves every night!"

Then he talked to me about his favorite mnemonic device to remember the hand bones.

Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle

Then he took out his anatomy text book and showed me the corresponding bones.

"Yeah! I've still got it. I could so pass that test."
"Ha. So...what should I do about the pain and stuff?"

He also ordered up some x-rays under a leaded apron, which are always a delight. I may have a tiny fracture, but it's probably just a sprain or three. I'll get the results in a day or two. Stay tuned, lovers.


  1. haaa, youre doc sounds amazing!
    i hope your wrists feel better soon!

  2. I'm glad you're going to be getting your own fashion-conscious apron-it's important, good for the wrists, and I know how you love aprons....


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