Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'll start with the pap smears

Because I was trying to construct a post that enveloped the crazy ride over there (lightning hit the control tower at Atlanta's airport when we were a few hundred miles away mid-air; I was re-routed to Memphis, Clay to Birmingham, we somehow met up that night oy), my day as a Midwife sidekick, all the foods we ate, the cats and Bruce Springsteen. But that was overwhelming me. So we'll start with the sidekick part.

Now to make sense of this, you should know awhiles back I was seriously considering Midwifery. I'm fascinated by women's health, I love me some babies, and it seemed like a good confluence of my people skills and left-brainedness. But turns out to become a Certified Nurse Midwife, you need to dedicate lots of years of your life to getting trained, work long, on-call, overnight shifts, and deal with needles. I still haven't ruled it out entirely, but I just realized I'd be overwhelmed with envy every time I checked a baby's heartbeat and I didn't have my own. (Uh, baby not heartbeat.)

And that's the background.

So Stephanie - whom we were visiting along with Jonathan in their ridiculously charming house in Atlanta's ridiculously charming Inman Park - is an (amazing) CNM. Talk about respect, yo; I've got it in heeps for her. When I was going crazy last fall deciding whether to pursue this or not, she was a super helpful resource, answering all my frantic questions and worries. Even though I've decided -- at least for now -- not to pursue this track, she offered to take me along with her to work on Friday. Even though it meant being out the door at 10 till 8 (meaning 10 till 5 Pacific time) and we'd come in insanely late the night before -- I was in.

I'll tell you straight away, I didn't see any babies getting their born on. This was a clinic day for Steph, and although we were hoping for a quick zip over to the hospital to catch a birth in action, it didn't time out. Fine with me, though, since I saw plenty of, uh, new things to last me quite a while.

I want to be clear here. I wasn't just hanging in the Reception area, or looking at files and sitting on a stool waiting. I was IN THE EXAM ROOM with her, looking at EVERYTHING, nodding and smiling, freaking out a smidgen inside. To get me in the room we, uh, sort of fibbed that I'm a nursing student. Shhh. Shhhhh.

I won't go into any crazy details because, well, I realize I'm sort of unusual in that I love all this stuff. And also because I need to respect the lovely ladies I saw (and who ALL wished me luck in nursing school - can you say guilt trip?!) and keep it private. Happy to share some stories in person or over email, but we'll keep it PG on here.

So! Now you all know what I was doing on Friday. Peering up vaginas and eating pizza for lunch.


  1. please email me with details. nothing is TMI for me.

  2. Yeah, I could totally do the details too. I don't want to be a midwife or a nurse, but I am uber fascintaed by childbirth as well. I could watch Baby Story over and over again, even though it grosses most other people out.

  3. please delete the details i heard about at dinner on Saturday.


  4. "I didn't see any babies getting their born on." >> LOLZ


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