Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So we're moving on May One, which is close -- but not close enough. (Our car got broken into AGAIN, the oven coil exploded and is broked, the dishwasher refuses to use the soap we feed it, we take showers in knee-high water because the drain's busted, and on and on and on...)

We're going away this weekend, which means we'll lose those packing days and need to shake a leg a little early -- but it's still too early to pack everything up. Sure, I can pack up vases and books, but not all my clothes or pans yet. We have all these boxes laying around and we're halfheartedly filling them, but mostly just tripping over them on our way to the couch and a nap.

Clay nailed it when he said we've got Senioritis. We're done with this nonsense, have bigger things ahead of us, and graduation's right around the corner. But it's not tomorrow and we still need to turn in a few papers and show up to class.

The ultimate excuse for everything has become "But we're MOV-ing!"

It's why I still haven't unpacked my bag from Tahoe, we can't see the bedroom floor, I've eaten 12 popsicles in 12 hours, I watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure at midnight, and our pizza burned.

Also adding to the madness? It's ninety eleven degrees outside, which our delicate San Francisco constitutions cannot handle. It's been difficult to find the words to write this post, because we've only used the following four since Sunday: I'M, HOT, MELTING, HELP.



  2. Your senioritis symptoms are very similar to mine -- mine are eating ice cream while watching tv bloopers on YouTube and hot tubbing and napping when I should be writing papers.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. Ahh, senioritis. My students have had a case of that since the beginning of the year. And it is very much how I feel about my grades, which were due YESTERDAY and still aren't done. Way to make sure I get myself rehired.
    Good luck with the move - I've moved in one way or another every year since I was fourteen, and I haven't improved my technique.

  4. Cindy C8:38 PM

    I can identify with Meredith...my grades are due tomorrow...not posted yet and I still have some stupid assignments to grade. However, I would rather face my dilemma than move. Good luck you two. I know Clay takes after his procrastinating Mom and will get into gear when the clock starts ticking...so no problem.

  5. buddy - this pic has made me laugh at least 10x over the last 2 days.

    sure love you cram.


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