Friday, April 17, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

Clay had a work dinner thing tonight so I checked the Internets for something fun and theatery to do solo. I like going alone to movies, dance shows, plays and the like because I get too worked up when my companion doesn't like what I like or likes what I don't. This way, everyone in the car agrees and everyone goes home happy. I'm ve-ry easygoing.

So what'd I end up doing? I went to "Grease" at the Golden Gate Theater downtown. Not because I was dying to see it (I've certainly had my fill and over the years it's become a way-dumbed-down, cleaned-up, tourist-approved shadow of its former self), but because Taylor Hicks was playing Teen Angel -- and the harmonica. The show didn't rock, but he did. I can't help it, people, I find the dude sexy. Check him in those sparkly duds!

Soul Pat-rol!


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    enjoyed your post. You have the right attitude ... don't let the czars of pop culture determine your likes and dislikes!

    Here's something else you will enjoy ... from Tuesday night ... a little "Seven Mile Breakdown."

  2. Wheeew, Taylor Hicks, rockin' out the hair and the sparkles.

    I've never seen Grease live, I probably need to.

  3. ooo! thanks for the link. he's even cuter in his real element.

  4. I love me some Taylor...

  5. please tell me you were seated in the first row and took that picture yourself.

  6. He is sexy, now that you mention it. Looking very hot in the costume. I hope Grease is coming to a theater near me.


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