Saturday, April 11, 2009


While I'm pretty sure pictures of an un-decorated apartment are snooze-ish, I simply couldn't stop myself. We visited today to start scoping and I didn't stop bouncing around once. However, I realize you won't be living here with us - so if you make it to the end of this post and you haven't fallen asleep? I'm impressed.

Standing near the kitchen, looking out! This'll be our main living space. Having a difficult time figuring where to put our honking huge TV. (Bonus room is open to your left.)

Zooming in on da view. Tough to capture it on film, but the Golden Gate is to your left-center. Can you find it? (And can you tell I've been writing for preschoolers?) It helps if you click on the photo and make it bigger.

Another view of the GGB, Bay and Pacific Heights homes (mansions). We face down onto an alley, so it's pretty quiet.

Slide open the doors and step out onto our teeny tiny balcony for a better look.

Standing outside the sliding doors, looking to the right at Downtown SF. That pointy pyramid is the Transamerica Building. We like to park our scooter there when we're in the Financial District.

To the right and down. That's our park! It's a lot bigger than I thought it was and full of snappy trees. Lots of good people (and dog) watching from here. If (big if) we get a dog, it'll be super simp to get play time.

Here's another view with your back to the view. I'm standing where we'll put the dining room table. (Hopefully we can swap out the boring chandelier for something fun.) Kitchen behind me. Entrance and first bathroom to your right in the back.

My new kitchen! Small, but useful; I'm loving the apps and additional counter space. It needs more light and definite decor help, but I'll be happy to whip up some curries in here. And! There are doors to close it off so when it gets messy? Vamoosh!

This is a terrible picture, but somehow the only one we got of our bedroom (or a corner of it). The open door leads to our second, master bath. (I've never had a connecting bed/bath before so I'm just a tad pumped.) Closets to the right and left of the bathroom.

Here's a slice of the powder room. Trying to keep the landlord from putting up the sliding shower doors he wants to install because...ick. There's a lovely-sized linen closet in here, too, which is a huge bonus and another never-had.

Our cute bonus room! Promise it's bigger than it looks; we were pleasantly surprised when we saw it again today. Behind you is the view. Ahead of you is the bedroom. The door to the bedroom and to the living room both slide closed. See below.

See! All closed off and cozy. Perfect for a snoozing ... puppy. Ahem.

Couldn't not end on me being weird. That big building to my left is the hospital. I'm showing how I'll be able to yell for help instead of calling 9-1-1.

And that's a not-so-quick tour! Didn't show you the other bathroom or the entrance but I'm sure you'll live. We're starting the slow move in stat and can't wait to get a'decorating. Visitors? Enter and sign in, please.

*Bonus feature below! To fully understand the flow, check out the cruise-azy model Clay created online! (The "furniture" you see is stuff we already have, TBD on placement -- he made the model to play with that.) Click between 2D and 3D to see the whole deal. Woot!*


  1. Auntie Mef4:21 AM

    HAPPY EASTER!! Holy cow...your new digs are unbelievable! Sign me up - I'll be out to visit and soak in that view. I'm so excited for you!


    Right now i am holding my head and twirling around the room and falling down with jealousy!

    IT IS SO MAGNIFICENT nice work on snagging that, Cowans! In order to quell my jealousy, I will have come visit and experience the loveliness that is your san fran life for myself!

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Very very nice total package.

  4. christie4:58 PM

    WOW!! That is fabulous! Maybe I'll ditch the fam and come visit. And Clay has got some mad skills to put that 3D view together. Impressive!


  5. omg, INSANE apartment! it's gorgeous!

    i'll be coming out to visit in about 5 minutes.

  6. thank you, friends!

    we do heart it, i won't lie.

    and srsly come visit our bums. i make melty cheese sammies and we have a very large tv for when it's foggy.

  7. Speaking of which: Where should we put TV? Discuss. Thanks.

  8. Cindy C9:26 AM

    What a beautiful place you two have found! All your friends and family are so happy for you. Enjoy this time of life and adventures. I,too, am impressed with Clay's 3D model.

  9. LOVE the view! I'm ridiculously jealous, but will see IT/you soon!

  10. Cindy C9:31 AM

    TV looks good in the corner on the model.

  11. This is so freakishly beautiful that I'm freakishly jealous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  12. Looks so great, and AWESOME VIEWS, I AM SO JEALOUS! Happy new home!

  13. wow. that apartment is PERFECT. i'm jealous, just like everyone else.

    poor Lain, now i'm going to be bugging him to move to california/SF even more.. "but BABY, the VIEWS!"

    definitely not snooze-ish. at all. i would've been happy to see more! :)

  14. Oh my gosh! That view! Seriously. You don't even need furniture.

  15. thank you thank you, all! i'm glad everyone approves!! <3

    still feeling super clueless about how/where to arrange our stuff, tho. i'm so happy just sitting there in the emptiness of it...we really need to pare down and maintain the zen!


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