Saturday, April 18, 2009


For most of my days I've been in the "Tofu is a Satanic Creation" camp. Back when I dated the arty types, I had a few boyfriends who insisted I try it and love it. It's not a coincidence they are now in my Ex Files. But then one day last fall, down the street at our neighborhood Thai place, something strange came over me. I ordered pad see ew (also known as: The Best Dish On Earth) with tofu instead of chicken. And it was PERFECTION.

But I knew I couldn't just run out and whip up some yummy tofu lickey split, because these restaurant people had practice, right? Making tofu taste good could not be an easy task, because why had so many failed me before?

So I did my research. I asked my Twitter friends, I asked my real life friends, I asked the Internets at large. And I made it happen, people. I made it happen ree-aal goooood.


  1. Cindy C7:03 AM

    Are those rectangular frosted rice chex? Which is the tofu? (Just kidding, you know how big the dish is in East Texas.)Have fun.

  2. mmmm yay for tofu - one of my fav foods! give tofu a chance, i say!

  3. seriously, could you BE any prettier? i'm channeling my inner Chandler today.

    i always order the singapore noodles at this thai/vietnamese place we go to. it's stir fry with lots of veggies, thin noodles & a light curry sauce. there's a chicken AND a tofu option ..i always get tofu. i never eat it though because, even though they have practice, it does NOT taste good.
    really, i could just get the chicken but i'm stubborn and set in my ways.

    looks like a yummy dinner :)

  4. I'm okay with tofu -- I don't mind it, but the texture is just off to me. But my lil sis loves it and cooks with it all the time, I'll get some tips from her and send 'em your way.

    PS. You're gorgeous and adorable.

  5. You are too kind, m' ladies; I think I was cooking with an apron and no pants at that point.

    And YES to any and all tofu tips and recipes! That stuff is like a dollar a pack say wha?!

  6. that looks AMAZING. nom nom.


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