Monday, April 13, 2009

My own little hunt

Buddy and I took an early evening (bum-cheek-freezing cold) stroll last night - mostly in search of Peeps, but also to cruise our new 'hood at sunset - and came across a lovely treat in Lafayette Park, left just for me:


  1. Ohh, pretty. Was it real? Are you sure you wanna eat it? Did you get to make the Bunny Buns and Rabbit Rolls? Ours were a huge hit!

  2. haha - definitely did not eat it and yes, it was real. put it back in its place so a lil one could find it and feel delighted, too.

    i've yet to make the bunny buns, but plan on it!

  3. did that tiny tree have too much bunny juice? it appears to need a bit of assistance holding itself upright.

    cute egg, cute amy :)

  4. What was in it? Candy? Moneys? Jewels?

  5. aha! first off, that reminds me of my favorite commercial for jack in the box? anyone seen it?

    "rain! glitter! tiny gifts!"

    but in other boring news, it was a plain ol' real egg. i was really hoping on jewels or maybe a robot.


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