Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm looking for moving tips so I don't jump out the window

Got any?

We'll hire some help for the big stuff, so I'm talking boxes/tape/organization/drugs/bubble wrap. I know I've done this before, but this is two people's stuff, spread out, three years' accumulation.

Should I start in a corner and go from there? Should I lay out a row of boxes with labels and sort accordingly? Should I just lie down and start crying before I even start?

Also: Puppy or no puppy?



  1. Tip #1: Packing done on Monday - Thursday is the most effective and fun.

  2. Ughhh packing is a NIGHTMARE. I just packed up my whole place (not moving) and here are my tips:

    - Get craploads of bubble wrap and packing paper so if you get flustered and don't pack perfectly, your stuff will be OK
    - Small boxes for books, giant boxes for linens
    - wine wine wine (i imagine this helps, my baby doesn't drink)
    - keep a pretty picture of your new place out so that you're motivated!


  3. I've moved a lot in my life. My #1 tip is: heavy stuff in small boxes, light stuff in large boxes. That will save you some backache. We always started packing non-essentials like books, pictures, knick knacks, etc. Leave the stuff you regularly use until 1 or 2 days before you're making the actual move, or that day if you can swing it.

    And the puppy is a must, IMHO.

  4. - dont wait till the night before to pack. seems obvious enough, but that's what jim and i did. i'm pretty sure i threw a pair of scissors at him at some point.

    - packing breakables in newspaper saves on bubble wrap, but it's messy so make sure you're wearing your Roger Workman jumpsuit!

    - pack a "carry on" with a roll of paper towels and cleaning supplies so you can clean the new place without having to find supplies buried in boxes

    - better yet, hire cleaners to clean your old place and new place so you dont have to!

    - puppies make great practice babies!

  5. christie2:23 PM

    Okay, let's review what we did: We packed up an entire house full of four people's stuff. I was hugely pregnant. We moved some stuff into a storage unit and some into the rental. I had a baby. Two days later, we closed on the new house. We moved FIVE people out of the rental and into the new house. All in 6 weeks. I have completely blocked that entire chunk of time from my memory. I vaguely remember doing something with cardboard boxes and packing paper. Let's just say I'm STILL looking for things...

  6. Hmm...what do you think Benny and I would say about"puppy or no puppy?" Do it!
    Penny and Fiona would have cousins!

  7. Christie forgot a chapter in her moving story - the one where about a week after moving into the new house there was a huge ice storm resulting in no electricity for several days and the necessity of moving in with the inlaws who had a generator. Oh...and we're still finding their stuff around here.

    I'll be the voice of reason on the puppy issue...if you're ok with getting up at all hours of the day and night because the little dear has to wander around outside and sniff every hydrant, blade of grass, and tree and then come inside and pee or poop and if you don't mind $$$$$ on vet's bills (ask Benny)and if you don't mind your Frye boots being chewed, by all means go for it!!! They are good practice babies and when they grow up they don't talk back (usually.)I vote for having a baby instead...

  8. christie4:09 AM

    Ooooh! I like what Auntie Mef said! BABY BABY BABY!!!

    I temporarily unblocked all moving memories and came up with a few tips:

    1. Label boxes - be specific. Very specific. I wasn't and now I can't find my utensil holder.

    2. Get rid of stuff! Don't pack crap that you don't want/need. Donate, craigslist, freecycle. It will free your mind. (Free your mind, and the rest will follow... Now I have that dang song in my head).

    3. Start packing the stuff that isn't necessary for day to day living: pictures, decorative stuff, books you've already read, etc.

    4. Don't try to do it all at once. Baby steps!! Do a closet here, a corner there. You will get overwhelmed if you try to do the whole thing in a day or two.

    Okay, blocking those memories again. Phew, I might need therapy...

  9. I asked and you delivered!! THA-NK you for all the packing tips! I need allll the help I can get.

    I especially like the slow-pack of the non-essential items idea. (along with LABELING.) Hopefully I can start that this weekend and chug along so it never feels TOO terrible.

    And in puppy news...I just don't know! I've never trained a pup before so I might eff up, they're pricey and we just upgraded rent AND I will have to ride an elevator down 12 floors whenever I need to take him out.

    But they're such cuddly buddies!! I do tend to think if I'm signing up for that much responsibility, I might as well just sign up for a tiny human. ;)

  10. Cindy C3:59 PM

    I am afraid I am too late for this show...haven't read you in a couple of days. Wonderful news, Amy and Clay. My favorite way to move, though not practical...pack in laundry baskets with your towels, sheets, etc. save on the bubble wrap. Take your pictures, lamps, dishes, precious things over in the car a few trips at a time. Clothes in car just lying flat...who needs boxes? Oh, but I forgot, you and Clay have seen my storage and inability to unpack.

  11. OK i said yes on puppy but i didn't know we were controlling youre entire future and had options so i say forget the puppy and GO BABY


  12. i'm so grossed out by my bad grammar. YOUR forgive me.

  13. Oh, and my baby votes that you and Clay have a baby right now please.

  14. Nik: Tell the Chinese cabbage I hear her vote and I'm doing my best! ;)

  15. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Pack for your new place. If you don't know where it is to go put it in a "?" boxes with a paper list of what is in the boxes. This way you are ready to immediately unpack and be set-up in no time.


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