Sunday, April 12, 2009

I guess I'm unAmerican

Because I barely know any Springsteen. I can sing the words to "Glory Days" and "Hungry Heart", but only because Michaela put them on a Christmas mixtape she made me in high school. (The tape I gave her was shamefully lame and included tunes from Cabaret and Footloose. Not that I don't listen to those things still; it's just that I should never expect anyone else to.)

I certainly have never not liked the Boss (is it okay to call him that? is that like saying 'frisco?), I've just never focused my efforts there. But! In a couple weeks, Clay and I are flying to Hot-lanta to visit our good buddies Jonathan and Stephanie (and their two cats) for a three day mini-holiday. And during this visit we'll be donning red bandanas and rolled-up tees at a Springsteen concert, with tickets procured by the-person-who-goes-to-more-live-shows-than-anyone-I've-ever-or-will-ever-meet, Jonathan. I'm really excited. I just feel super clueless about what I'm about to hear. Because I know these things are infinity more enjoyable when you know what the hell you're bouncing along to, I begged him for help.

To prepare my uncultured palate, Jonathan created for me an incredible email primer, complete with background stories and the Top 13 songs I must familiarize myself with before the show. And because he's a sensitive guy, he's not expecting my unemployed bum to buy these tunes on iTunes. Hells no; he provided me with specially selected You Tube links so's I can rock out for free and get a visual. Whaddaguy, right?

So if you're wondering what I'm doing over here when I'm not not-packing or watching SVU, I'm bopping out to "Badlands" or "The Promised Land" or "Land of Hope and Dreams" or, well, you're picking up on the theme. And hopefully I'll be munching on some after-Easter, on-sale Peeps whiles I do it -- IF I CAN FIND THEM WALGREENS WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WHY AREN'T THEY OVERSTOCKED?!


  1. I'M SO JEALOUS!!!! i tried to get tickets to see him in new jersey, but tickmaster is pure evil and totally boss-blocked me.

    you're going to have so much fun!

  2. I know! I'm actually really excited. I just feel a touch guilty because I'm not a lifelong fan like you? So that's why I'm trying to cram and not be *too* much of a posuer while I dance...


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