Monday, April 06, 2009

Movin on Up! (!!!)

To a new place! May One! (!!!) FI-nally we found a place we both like, with a landlord we both like, and made an offer the landlord liked. (Desperately wanted to write: "the landlord both liked" for lovely parallel construction, but alas, that makes zero sense.)

I have to admit, much to Clay's delight, I was not excited about checking this place out. In fact, I was downright angry about leaving my couch to go see it after a long ride home from Tahoe.

It's in a "luxury high rise" (their words, not mine) from the 60's -- which doesn't really translate into my usual style. Sure, I knew it had some views, but view schmiew.


To start with, the landlord is just plain nice. I have a sneaking suspicion if I locked myself out, he'd lend a hand. Maybe even two!

Next, there's a twenty-four-hour doorman. AH! For you non-city folk, I cannot stress the awesomeness of this feature. A big, strong don't-mess-with-me dude who's going to sit there all day, all night and make sure a) all my packages get delivered and b) I don't get messed with? HEAVEN. I picture myself waving hello, chatting about the weather, maybe bringing him a Starbucks now and again. Friends we'll be!

Okay, so then there's the va-iew. People. I didn't think I really cared about having one until I saw this one. Holy Golden Gate Bridge! And Bay! And cityscape! The whole north side of the apartment is made of sliding doors that look out, uninterrupted, into crazy awesomeness. For two homebodies who spent a heck of a lot of time reading and staring into space, this is ba-BAM.

And what's directly next to the building? A beautiful park! And what's closer than it was before? My go-to row of shops on Fillmore! And what am I allowed to have if I want to walk it in aforementioned park? A puppy!

The space isn't hugely bigger than what we have now, but there are two important improvements:

1) We'll have TWO bathrooms. One with a tub, one with a shower, both newly upgraded. Bam!
2) We'll have a cute little extra room for a study or, you know, a small human. Someday. Ahem.

Actually, the whole place is newly upgraded, so the carpets are all freshy and soft (no hardwoods, but hey I'll take it), and the kitchen has lovely new appliances (things I'd never have said two years ago) including an oven with a wipe-down surface and none of those GOD AWFUL KILL ME NOW COIL THINGS DEATH TO THEM. The things I'll cook without burning embers of old spaghetti sticks!

What else, what else? The whole place just gives me a really safe and cozy and GOOD feeling. Like I can watch scary movies by myself and hit the hay without a second thought. Like I can sleep with the window open without worrying someone might hop in. Because it would be ridiculously hard to climb twelve stories or get past Billy my new best friend. (He likes his coffee with two sugars.)

Can you tell I'm just a lee-tle excited?! Bye bye, mean creepy landlord! Bye bye, awful bathroom! Bye bye loud garbage trucks and motorcycles zooming past and messing up my Murder She Wrote binge! Adieu adieu to you and you and yo-ou!


  1. Ahh so exciting! It sounds AMAZING. Obvi you'll update with pictures when you're in there.....

  2. christie4:57 AM

    Yahoooo!!! I'm so happy for you guys! It sounds like heaven.

  3. that's SO awesome! the view sounds grand, i almost wish i was moving there..
    me on a daily basis to Lain - "can we move to SF?" .. "can we?" "can we today?" i've always been obsessed, no idea why.

    it sounds like you guys will be really happy there :) views & parks are the best! oh and having a doorman/new best starbucks friend sounds nice too.

  4. YAY! i want to come see when you're all settled. oooh and i want one of those vegan peanut butter cupcakes. tell me that place is still there!

  5. Isn't moving the best? Congrats on the great find.

  6. thanks ladies!!

    anyone who wants to visit can get a teeny little room to themselves now! dooooooooooo it.

    and yep pics to come soon...

    and yep pb vegan cupcakes are still down the street! nom nom nomz.

  7. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Nice hunting & negotiating Clay. Good Job.


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