Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bonus bumpdate

As much as I love to do things with my main squeeze and other buddies and family members, I also really enjoy my solo time. I love seeing movies alone, I love roaming libraries alone, love long drives alone. Etc. This is one thing I know's about to change big time, so I'm trying to take advantage of and appreciate every little moment.

This morning, after dropping Clay off for his weekly basketball date (in Mom mode already!), I headed out on my own for the Farmer's Market. It was drizzly, but warm enough, and I got to wear my new rain boots. Piddling around from stand to stand, I picked out some apples, pork chops, a couple loaves of bread (olive and raisin rye - YUM) and some nom nom cheeses. I like this type of shopping - little grabbies here and there, no rhyme or reason and no real rush.

As I waddled around, I noticed a lot of beatific smiles aimed at the belly. It wasn't till I glanced in a window that it really sunk in how big I've gotten. I've been feeling so spry lately, it just doesn't feel like it.

But, uh, yeah. I am.


  1. what a great bonus bumpdate! you are too cute, dude. that baby is bakin' away!

  2. christie5:25 AM

    You are so so so so sooooo cute!!!

    Hi lil lady in there! Can't wait to meet you. :)

  3. a bonus?! loves it.

    you look so so so so good!

  4. the baby lady is alllllllmost cooked up enough to come out & cuddle. :) i've said it before i'm sure but, really ames, pregnancy looks GOOD on you. you're gorgeous & i adore the outfit/boots combo.

    i love to be alone. i used to think i was really odd because i loved it so much but, yeah. i can be really open at times & then CRAVE my privacy and need to be alone.

    you're beautiful, mama-to-be.

  5. You have just addressed one of my biggest fears about having kids(second only to morning sickness), which is that I need about 12 hours a day of alone time (not counting sleep). Eek!
    You are flipping adorable with the bump, scarf, and boots.

  6. Yeah, I would have beamed at the belly too, you're one adorable mom to be. Can't believe how good you look!

    That's how shopping was in Germany too, just little bits here and there, it was nice, everything was fresh.

  7. yowza! you ladies are so nice! thank you for making me and my biscuit feel purty.

    i may have to pay you to keep saying kind things after the lady's out and i'm trying to shed the lbs... ;)

  8. Love it! You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!


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