Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nesting part two

Because I was finding a little too much happiness from all the cleaning product fumes, I ditched my beloved bottle of Pine Sol (it only lived with us for about a week before I had to pour it down the drain - I couldn't stay away) and slowly my insane cleaning fury has died down, replaced with a much better and more sustainable maintenance program. I've figured out some systems and seem to be sticking to them pretty well (they mostly involve doing a little + all the time) so that's keeping my obsessive compulsiveness satisfied/at bay...for now.

So then I turned to more lung-safe nesting activities - like cooking.

In the past few days, I've made homemade cream biscuits, cranberry scones, peppermint bark, hot wings - and a handful of from-scratch dinners, too. I'd tackle more - and I will - but I have to be careful with how much I'm scarfing and how much time I'm spending on my feet.

And so now we're onto decorating. Which is where Clay will always join in. Because he's only 76% straight.

We'll take some pictures as we get more done, but wooooo eeeeee are we excited about our last night/late night replacing of the heinous cheesetown light fixture our landlord had hanging in the dining room space. And now we're looking at paint chips to color this place beautiful; because as much as we wanted to stay simple and white in here - we're way too fruity to leave things plain. Stay tuned!


  1. YES! Please post before and after pics. Have you cooked anything you can freeze for when the little one is here?? Nat nested by stocking the fridge with all kinds of soup and stew..... it was awesome!

  2. I want to come to your house and eat everything in your kitchen. :)

  3. 76% straight is ENOUGH %. I mean, we got Robobaby to prove it, yeah?

    And yes, PICS, because from the few pics I've seen of your place, it's already gorgeous, I want to see before and after pics1

  4. Michaela, please don't publicly declare me anything less than 95% straight.

  5. I think 76% is generous frankly.

  6. i call my husband joshua stewart sometimes because of his love of home decorating. ;) i think all men have it in them, but only some choose to let it out! and i'm with everyone else. PICS PLEASE!

  7. More likely men typically have some part of their character that wants to organize the room in the most optimal fashion.

  8. Cindy6:22 AM

    Clay does have a gift for finding the object that should be showcased in a room. Plus...I won't forget the big help from both of you Thanksgiving 1 year ago. CC


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