Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear California's Central Coast,

I thought I knew about pretty stuff. But oh my. You really know about pretty stuff.

We had a good time, friends. Piddled down Route 1, stopped in Santa Cruz for a grilled cheese, found a bed and breakfast in Carmel-by-the-Sea (and the name don't lie - our room faced the ocean, I woke up to waves crashing, and after breakfast we walked but two minutes to the beach), had dinner in Carmel and grabbed goodies at a bakery, then met other roadtripping friends in their woodsy cabin-in-the-wilds (thank you, GPS technology) to eat S'mores and play board games (words I came up with on my turns - when other people were saying "potato" or "book" - included "bestiality!", "Hooters!", and "*unt!").

We spent the following day driving along the coast, singing along to Aretha (we do weddings) and oogling Pebble Beach and cypress trees and rivers and seals and mountains and - man. Lots of crazy beautiful scenery all jumbled together. It was a quick lil trip - we debated doing two nights, but ultimately we're homebodies and heard the siren call of our couches - but I'm v glad we did it.

Here are a few pics from our travels. I mostly left out the plain scenic ones, because I usually skim over those on a blog, and because my family just wants more belly. But please - if you ever have the chance to check this neck of the woods out? Dooooo it.

Oh! And Happy New Years Eve! Bring it, 2010!


  1. Okay, you have some sort of secret career as a maternity model?
    Looks awesome there; I want to invent teleportation technology so I can go everywhere I want to go without actually having to do the traveling part.

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  3. love your outfit

  4. Do you sell you and Clay's cuteness in jars? Because I would buy some.

  5. Cindy C6:10 PM

    This is one of my favorite posts, Amy. Truly confirms why you must love CA. Excitement in the air...only a few weeks. Cindy


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