Monday, December 07, 2009

Cozy feet blankets

I've lusted after these for quite some time, but finally - after seeing this week's rainy forecast and realizing I'm about to have a baby smackdab in the middle of monsoon season - took the plunge.

I was torn between the dark purple and the greenies, but had to go with the color that originally grabbed my heart a few years ago. Plus, they match my stroller. Duh.

Can't you just picture these over leggings and cute, wolly socks pulled up high? A REAL SUGAR white mocha in the stroller's cupholder and a huge, rainy, San Francisco hill under my feet?

And now I must search for the baby-sized version.


  1. I asked santa for a pair this year. Also been wanting some forever. And I want to get a pair snuggly wool Wellie sock liners to keep my toes warm.

  2. how much were they? look pretty fun and practical.

  3. *jumps in puddles w/ you*

    i love the rain, but only in the spring & summer. i used to put on my bathing suit & go sit at the edge of our property and play. basically in the gutter that took all the water to the sewer. yum..

    be jealous.

  4. love 'em.

    socks peeking out of boots = super cute.

  5. @daphne - they're a leeeetle pricey (about 100) which is why i've been holding off. but they're supposed to last forever and be good for non-rain things, too ... so i splurged :)

  6. Need to wear longggggg socks and fold over the top for more calf grip, otherwise regular socks will walk their way down to your toes.

  7. Yep - hate the sock slide.

    Already on the hunt for some good, long socks. Where's an L.L. Bean outlet when you need one?


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