Thursday, December 10, 2009

Post-appointment update and other stuff

Why, hello! And happy freezing cold chill my bones I'm not leaving my apartment Thursday! I actually just got back in.

Yesterday afternoon I spent two lovely hours at the DMV, finally changing my name on my driver's license. Everything else (social security, credit cards, my New Yorker subscription) has been changed for eons, but um. This just took awhile. The sense of accomplishment I got after I was done probably isn't healthy. Let's just say, things change after you don't have a job.

Then I drove down the peninsula to my lovely friends Lou and Christian's house (with a yard! and trees! and a driveway!) where I was invited for (a yummmmmy) dinner and a sleepover. Clay's traveling lately, so I really appreciated the night "out" - and I really appreciate my thoughtful friends for thinking of me. Lou's preggo, too, so there was lots of crazy cravings and nesting talk (put simply: I huff cleaning products, she buys beautiful things) and belly poking and food snarfing. Loved it.

Then! I woke up, we ate some brekky, and I ventured back to the city for my appointment. Which went well!

Everything on the ultrasound looked good - cervix long enough and closed, amniotic fluid levels fine, baby's head down and ready for evacuation. (I coulda told them that part - she's obviously taken up permanent residence on my bladder.) She's still in the upper percentile of size, but the interesting/important thing is it's an all-over bigness, not just her tummy. So she's got long legs and a healthy noggin and all that jazz, as well as a tum. The real red flag for GD growth is when everything else is once size and the belly is HUGE. When everything's proportional and growing at a steady rate (which it has since last month), it's prolly just a genetics/who-knows-why thing.

Bottomline is, she's healthy and happy and chugging along great. They'll take a look at her again in a month, just to make sure she's staying on a steady growth rate before labor, and that'll be that. The doctor said they'll really try to avoid induction and hopefully even let me go a few days past my due date before intervening. (They'll never let a GD patient go a full 10-14 days past due date.) Huzzah! That's good news.

But the best news came after my appointment with the nutritionist. She looked at all my food journals and blood sugar numbers from the past month and gave me two big thumbs up. My numbers and weight are so good, that I get to cut out 2 of my 4 daily finger pricks! Just one after breakfast and one after lunch now. Score. Fingers crossed things stay good! We both think they will.

So! That's the news. Baby biscuit is face down and low down, so I only got a few quick glimpses of her tiny profile - and no pictures. Maybe next month we'll get a better view, but as things get more and more cramped in there (seriously - how is she not having a panic attack from the claustrophobia?) good pictures get harder and harder to capture. We'll probably just have to wait till she's live and on the scene! *dances*


  1. glad baby and mama are doing great. it is cold here, too, but cold as in "i do a dance when it gets above freezing for five minutes". lame i know, but welcome to tennessee!

    another lame fact, i got a new driver's license with my new name on it the DAY AFTER i was married. yes, i had nothing better to do. ;)

  2. Cindy C7:05 AM

    This is such good reading...better than a novel. I am so relieved for you and the baby; you also look great in the black sweats and turtle neck. I am going shopping again soon for different sizes for this little girl. Exciting times for the Cowans.

  3. I missed so many blog entries suck? Er, I'm a mindless office droid? Anyway, glad things are going well with GD and that Little Robo-baby (haven't given up on it yet, nope nope nope) are doing well. Is there really still another month to go?

    What's Christmas going to be like preggers?

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