Friday, December 18, 2009

Bumpdate: 32 weeks, 2 days

Double shot!

The front angle always weirds me out, so I thought I'd let you share in the weirdness. That "cute" little "extra" belly button up top? Oh, that's where my pierced hole never filled in. Things they don't warn you about when you're 19 and ready to get wild.

Still feeling pretty good, but I just don't know how there's anymore room for her to grow. She moves CONSTANTLY and with SERIOUS DETERMINATION. Like she's trying to bust her way out of my belly button. Or hip bone. Or ribs. I talk a lot about wanting to avoid induction, but seriously? By the time 40 weeks rolls around I'm pretty sure I'll be begging them to pull this baby OUTTA ME.


  1. Oh yes, I went to 41 weeks 1 day and I thought of just reaching up there and pulling the little bugger out! But they all come eventually :)

  2. do you have a registry?

    i always get super creeped out when i watch a youtube video of the woman's stomach moving around real crazy. i had *no* idea that happened until like... this year? shut up.

  3. christie12:50 PM

    What a perfect belly! Lookin' good, Ames. Lookin' good!

  4. seriously you are gorgeous to the point of rediculousness! your belly still looks good! i'm pissed that you don't have that nasty linea negra. notice all my bumpdates were shirt-down.

    yes, please let us know where you are registered!

  5. thank you, my sweet ladies!

    honestly i'm shocked i don't have the line! my mom got a really dark one so i've been waiting for it to appear...there's still time!!

    i *do* have a registry - just working on a tasteful way to blog it? i'll post the info this weekend...

  6. I know, I think I thought you were due in January, not February, so you still gots a bit to go!


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