Friday, December 04, 2009

Bumpdate: 30 weeks, 2 days

And who are my my co-stars this week? Why, our new car seat and stroller combo and a very cute Ken doll business model husband! Hello, nifties!

Chick mag-net.

(Apologies for the ghostly lighting. It's 100% fog-covered outside and makes it all spooky inside.)

Last night, Clay came in late from the airport. I was already nestled in bed, pretending insomnia wasn't rounding the corner, and soon heard him fumble into the darkness, exclaiming: "Ohmygodastroller!" when he saw its outlined shadow in the adjoining room. Just wait till the breast pump arrives...

But seriously, folks. Can you believe we're in the 30's now?!


Had my monthly check-up yesterday (which will now be an every-two-weeks check-up because, well, it's just that time) and all looks great. Heartbeat is happy and strong, belly measuring right on schedule, pee and blood pressure are problem-free. My Braxton-Hicks contractions are on a totally normal schedule now, which is a relief. I still get them a few times a day, but that's actually a good sign at this point - shows the bod is warming up for the big event. (Do I really have to do that? I ask myself ten times a day. Yes. Yes, I do.)

In closing, I remember my buddy Nik wrote a post this spring when she reached 30 weeks, about finding a carton of cream with an expiration date AFTER the baby's due date. This means that we, too, could find such a dairy product right now. N-u-t-s.


  1. I'm kind of jealous of the gals that have the Braxton Hicks, because I didn't and when that first contraction came I was like "W.T.F. I don't wanna do this anymore!!!!!"

  2. Jeez Amy how did this happen that your baby lady is going to be here so soon!?!?

    1. Love the shout out :) Yes, the dairy that expires after baby gets here IS OUT THERE. Go treat yourself to a carton of cream to freak yourself out. Like a gross fatty advent calendar.

    2. You and Clay might be the most gorgeous adorable couple on the planet.

    3. THAT SNAP N' GO WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! Only thing about those is that they dont drive the best on insane old boston cobblestone. So easy to transport!



  3. what a yummy mummy!

  4. Just re-read--didn't meant to frighten. Just meant at least you're getting some practice ;)

  5. Cindy C1:02 PM

    I started checking for the bump pictures yesterday at school about 8:30. Wouldn't it be odd to be reprimanded for being on an unauthorized website while on the clock to teach. Forget facebook, youtube,shopping networks...give me blue jean amy's bumpdate! :) Then I realized it was only 6:30 am in San Fran so had to wait. I love my handsome relatives and all the good news of pending birth. CC

  6. christie6:17 AM

    Looking gaw-jiss! Love, love, love.

    30 weeks! This is big time now!

  7. Aw, Clay is so cute.

    And you are! And you're growing a baby and it's almost done! It's crazy, it seems like just yesterday I got that email when you were talking about trying. INSANITY. I'm so excited for you all and your expiring dairy products.

  8. @beth oh don't worry - once i read in my hippie dippie book THIS WILL BE THE WORST PAIN OF YOUR LIFE it was tough to scare me anymore.

    @everyone else - thanks pals!! chugging right along... thanks for following along with us on our crazy adventure!


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