Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't think Angelina goes through this

Dudes. I'm feeling like a teenage boy being prom-rejected. Over and over and over again.

It's time. Time for me to find the biscuit a pediatrician.


My OB gave me a list with recommended baby doctors for the lady baby. Admittedly, she started bugging me to do this a month ago. But - well. I didn't.

*karate kicks it out the window*

I spent today ringing up all these offices. The secretaries could barely contain the smirks in their voices when I said the baby's coming in two months.

"Hello! I'm having a baby in February and was wondering if you're accepting new patients?"
"Oh lovely! Great! Thanks!"

Rinse. Repeat. Sob. Eat a sandwich.

Okay but seriously, folks. Is waiting till 32 weeks to find a pediatrician the most sinniest of sins? Is this just a big city problem? Should I start reading medical textbooks and ordering syringes online? I'm very good with needles.


  1. Wow, I can't remember when I found ours, but I'm pretty sure it was after 32 weeks! I've heard such good things about CPMC docs at both locations, but I think they're more popular in your area? We see Dr. Alikpala at St. Luke's, she's old school and a bit pert with us, but she's got a good philosophy (doesn't get vaxes with preservatives, etc.) so we are still seeing her. I hope you can find someone!!!

  2. Pediatricians are over-rated. According to the natural birth books, your child needs no actual medical care until it's 30. Only cuddles. And breast milk poured in it's wounds.

    Get with it, Amy.

    ANYWAY. Sometimes when I would try to get in places & they said they weren't accepting new patients, I would act really tearful and say, "I don't know what to do because I know I've waited too long and I only want the best and everyone recommends you... I don't know who to call!" Then I might make a noise like I was deflating slowly.

    A couple of times it worked, and they either fit me in (swear to you) or one of their doctors would have a highly recommended clinic they would recommend, etc. You must sound desperate. And weak.

  3. @beth I'm happy to drive a little ways! Now that I'm almost through the local list, I'll start branching out and hopefully have more luck!

    @kay I think you're right. Public breakdown it is!

  4. Ask your general doctor since they can usually get you into one of their friends. Also a good general can be good also since they can deal wiht you both at the same time.


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