Friday, December 11, 2009

Bumpdate: 31 weeks, 2 days

Happy Friday!

I like to call this ensemble my Stage Manager for Community Theater Outfit. Baggy black sweatpants and a matching turtleneck? Check! Just add a headseat, a marked-up Our Town script, and a self-important attitude -- and I'm complete!

Oh and stuff in the background? BABY THINGS. Lots and lots of BABY THINGS. I want to eat them.

Also, sometimes I like to look at myself from the front and do poses because I like to look unpreggo for five seconds. (Sidenote: If you don't know me in real life, this is how I like to stand when I'm hanging around. It's a little harder when knocked up.)

And now! Now, I must find somewhere to go so I can wear my new rain boots in the drizzle. Lates!


  1. a turtle neck! ahahahah :) the belly is adorable. it looks a little lower, hmmm... beautiful!

  2. you look so delish!

    are you registered?

  3. @kay yep, it is lower today! i feel like it looks different each time i check...but her head is like ON my cervix, so yeah...

    @mic i'm working on the registry now! will pass along info soon ;)

  4. Oh yea it randomly starts pointing down at the end! [THE END!] you're there! you look great...... and comf

  5. That's a nice little yoga Tree Pose you got going on there, miss.


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