Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I won't lie; the thought of being grounded during the holidays bummed my bum out at first. I've never missed Christmas on the East Coast with the fam and it seemed especially bad timing this year after missing Thanksgiving with peeps, too. I love dancing to Stevie Wonder's What Christmas Means to Me with my little bro, munching on fresh snow, seeing all the little kiddos run around with their new stuff, and just catching up with everyone over a cookie or four.

But I'm at the very edge of when flying is approved and after our little Missouri adventure, I feel a lot more relaxed on my own couch. As attractive as free airfare for life sounds, I really don't feel like sharing my crotch with a pilot.

So! This year, we're doing a quiet little holiday in our cozy little space. We bought and decorated a tree (the ornaments are a little slim since I've yet to steal mine back from Mom, but the lights sure are pretty), hung up some tinsel and tchotchkes, and I've cued up A Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu.

But I'm most impressed with what's going on under the tree. Apparently, if you get knocked up and can't come home, the family showers you with things and more things. Dang! Thanks, fam damly! It's looking purty darn festive up in here.

We're calling these next couple weeks a staycation for obvious reasons, and so far I definitely approve. It's quiet, it's relaxing, and everyone's cleared outta town - leaving us to enjoy shorter lines at turkey burger takeout, better seats for Avatar viewings, and less crabby elevator run-ins. We win!


  1. Sounds lovely A. I just got back to the East Coast and it is freezing cold and sundown at 4:30. Want to trade? Will give you and your baby lady a ring when I get back.

  2. Yeah, staying in and not getting to see your family can be sad, but it sounds like you're doing it up right! And ooo I can't wait to see all those presents!

  3. yeah for real, what logan said. it's dark here when you wake up... it's PRETTY DEPRESSING. and also... i don't know i was going to try to make it sound like it wasn't appetizing to be on the east coast but really it's kind of pretty.

    I KID, I KID.

    i am sorry you can't be with your famz. i am also sorry that they have no idea who i am and would be totally freaked out if they knew that i liked them & want to hang out at their house (and hug them), based on what you tell me.

    don't freak out, amy family!

    i think what's real nice to think about is that next year you'll be with your fam, INCLUDING THE LITTLE ROBOT LADY. oh, joy joy JOY how cute. :) she will be the star of the show, i'm sure, maybe even walking by then! oh wow oh wow! (billy's brother walked at 9 months, freaky bye)

    anyway i like you. please post more pictures where you're making weird faces and clay is staring at you.

    *sends love your way*

  4. christie4:19 AM

    Oh Amy!! We miss you desperately!! It just won't be the same without you here. :( Remember last year when Clay held teeny, tiny Libby? Next year we'll get to hold your not-so-teeny-yet-still-small-and-adorable bebe. Yay!! And srsly, dark and cold - you ain't missin' a thang.

    And Kay! We'll adopt you! You can come hang out at Chez Oberg anytime you like. Just promise you'll ignore the 2 million cheerios on the kitchen floor, the 5 million toys in the living room and the 3 crazy little beings zipping about. Kthanks.

    Love and miss you Ames and Clay!

  5. We are also staying home for the holidays, for the first time. It will be nice not traveling with all the associated stress. Maybe this time Santa can find us.


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