Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I won't have to give her the shots myself!

This morning I had my 32 weeks appointment. Zooming right along! Zip zip! Gulp.

All looks good with both ladies, which is always great to hear.

My only...frustration is how nonchalant they all are about this diabetes thing and whether it's, like, really a thing or not.

Meaning, the OB looks at all of baby's measurements and goes:

"Huh. So she's bigger than average, but really proportional all around. Her belly isn't any bigger than anything else, which is usually how it is with GD. In fact, her highest percentile measurement is her long legs. Huh! Probably she's just constitutionally hardy!"

And then she made sort of like a square-dancing-golly-gee-Popeye-the-Sailor-Man gesture.

And then:

"I mean, your blood sugar numbers being good could be because you're eating right or because your body just is handling whatever you're feeding it like it's supposed to. Your initial test results weren't really that high, so who knows!"

Basically saying - meh! Who knows if you really need to be pricking your fingers all the time or not! Your body is probably fine! But keep doing it! Because meh! Why not?


In other news!


And he's close by. And he's young and un-stodgy. And gets great Yelp reviews. And offers alternative vaccination scheduling if I want it. Or not if I don't. And has a sick kiddo entrance and a well kiddo entrance. And and and! I'm working on my marriage proposal right now.


  1. Yay congrats on the Ped! Whew, a load off right? We waited until the last minute and everyone was telling us questions to ask when you meet them ahead of time... we just walked in and the chief of ped was taking patients so we're like - DONE & DONE. (trouble with that is that it's not easy to get an appt with her though...)

  2. yay, i'm glad all is well and you found a doc! cant wait for this week's bumpdate...can it be Friday now please?

  3. YAY PED! Yay healthy growing baby!

    Yeah, I agree with Mic, ready for bumpdate.


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