Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blergh, says Liz Lemon

Woo eee its been a stressful couple weeks!

First, there was that gestational diabetes thing. And all the finger pricking and hand wringing that comes along with it.

Then, that there trip to the ER and all the resulting Google binges ("WILL MY BABY LIVE TO STAR ON BROADWAY IF SHE'S BORN AT 28 WEEKS" etc).

In the midst of all that, my childhood home got sold/moved out of/closed on. Which, basically, I don't let myself think about. I certainly don't want to write about it. Healthy, I know.

And now, my 86-year-old Gram - my only living grandparent and a stellar one at that - has to undergo open heart surgery tomorrow morning. A triple bypass, to be exact. It's sudden and unexpected and, frankly, it blows. She's stubborn as hell and otherwise healthy, so I really think she'll pull through this with flying colors. But it's still scary. And the recovery is going to be tough. And I'm on the wrong coast, separated from everyone, feeling pretty useless and emo about it all. Sigh.

So! Let's all cross our fingers and send happy thoughts, 1-2-3? Thanks, friends.


  1. Oh my - so much unfun stuff. I hope everything goes well for your grandma; I know exactly what you mean about being in the wrong place.
    Everything will be okay!

  2. :( sorry buddy. i'm gonna say a prayer for the grandmama. i'm real sad about your childhood home. when mine was sold, albeit some very bad memories in it, i was extremely confused and sad. it was hard to explain to people, but when i imagined someone else living in it, it literally made me feel sick (still does, actually). lots of love your way.

  3. Aw, mah poor babe! Sorry it's been rough. I wish I were there to clean and cook and watch SVU and or musicals with/for you.


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